18 October 2015

Florets - Floral Quote by Erin Benzakein

Bridal Bouquet with pink roses,Gypsophila and Gladiolus

" Big pieces, such as urns and large vases, go quite fast. I love dramatic statement pieces, and I think my excitement speeds things up," she says. 
"Centrepieces or low arrangements often take a bit of time, since securing all the elements in a 'pin frog' can be a bit tricky." In line with her sensual spirit, Erin also has an unusual predilection: "I love weaving edibles - cherry tomatoes, strawberries, baby apples, raspberries, bush beans, herbs, carrots - into bouquets, as well as airy elements so that the slightest breeze can catch a component." To get started, this ambitious achiever's advice is simple: "Just skip your latte once a week and buy a posy of sweet peas instead!"

~ Erin Benzakein ~ 

[Erin Benzakein: American, florist, farmer florist, photographer, author, teacher, entrepreneur, award winner of the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award for Floral and Event Design and founder of Floret Flower Farm in Washington State, USA.]
[Quote from: Floral Contemporary by Olivier Dupon, 2014.]
[Flowers: Mixed bouquet with pink roses, Gypsophila and Gladiolus.]
[Vase: Vintage apothecary clear glass jar.]
[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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