16 October 2015

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 61 - Autumn Colours

Hydrangea Autumn Colours

This weeks 'A Bunch for the Weekend' - is all in muted autumn colours. Pale purple and olive green Hydrangea with some rust coloured shades. Also mixed in are some pale grey green Eucalyptus leaves and some bright white snowberries.

Hydrangea Autumn Colours


You'll need:

- 10 stems of Hydrangea in muted colours.
- 5 stems of Eucalyptus leaves.
- 5 stems of snowberries.
- 1 medium sized zinc florist bucket - for the arrangement
- 3 zinc florist buckets in various sizes - just to use as background props.
- 1 very small zinc container - to use as a side arrangement with Eucalyptus or snowberries.

For conditioning the flowers - you'll also need:

- a pair of florists scissors
- a florist bucket filled with fresh water

Condition the flowers by removing any leaves that would end up below the water line in the vase. This is to reduce any growth of bacteria from deteriorating leaves. Also remove any broken or bruised leaves.

Cut the stems at an angle - this is to increase water absorption.  

Put in a clean container with fresh water and leave in a cool, dark place over night or at least for a few hours, to let the flowers absorb the maximum of water, before making the final arrangement.

You might have to re-cut the stems while making the final arrangement to suit the size of the vase or container and to get the right proportions.

Hydrangea Autumn Colours


Hydrangea has very few but large leaves - leave them on if you like the look of them or take off some or all of the leaves. 

I have left a lot of the leaves as I feel they added interesting texture and colour.

Fill the containers with fresh, clean water. Trim the stems so that some of the flower-heads rests on the edge of the vase. Cut some of the stems shorter and position those around the edges of the container. Fill in with a few longer stems throughout for a bit of variety and movement.

Finish off by adding the Eucalyptus and the snowberris throughout the arrangement.

Change the water every 2-3 days and if possible re-cut the stems. The flowers can last for about 7-14 days. 

Hydrangea Autumn Colours

The four pieces of artwork are by my dear sister-in-law Amy Trachtenberg who lives and works in San Francisco. I have always enjoyed having her beautiful and very tactile artwork around the house and often try to incorporate them in my photography. 

Hydrangea Autumn Colours

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a great floral day!

I will be back on Sunday with another Florets - floral quotes by people passionate about flowers!

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]
[Artwork by Amy Trachtenberg.]

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Frances said...

Hydrangeas's many colors have always fascinated me. Once upon a time I thought they were only blue or pink and mostly grew around beach cottages. I have learned much more about their variety since I was a child.

The pictures you show us here are so elegant...no sign of a seaside cottage in these views. Your sister-in-law's art is also very beautiful.

Happy weekend to you, Ingrid. xo

Diana Studer said...

the penny gum is something I love to see.
Bit wary of trying to grow it in my garden.

Parsimonious Perfection said...


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