19 October 2015

Flowers and Ribbons - # 1 - Jane Means' Ribbons

Iris 'George'

Over time you have probably noticed that I often feature beautiful ribbons. I'm part of a team of bloggers who use ribbons from Jane Means' ribbon collection. Jane provides us with ribbons and we use them in some of our blog posts.  

I have decided to do a regular monthly series of blog posts where I will use Jane's ribbons in combination with flowers and foliage.

I'm starting off by showing a few previous images where I have incorporated Jane's ribbons in very simple and easy ways with flowers and plants. 

What I want to show is that by adding a beautiful ribbon you can make your arrangement or gift that little bit more special! 

Pink Spray Carnations

Have a lovely floral day!

I'll be back next month with more 'Flowers and Ribbons' - but before that I'll be back on Wednesday with another DIY blog post.

[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]
[All ribbons shown are from Jane Means' Collection of Ribbons.]

1 comment:

Frances said...

Those various ribbons really do add that extra touch to the arrangements of lovely flowers.

I particularly liked that first photo with the deep purples and some rusty orangy contrasts. Autumn defined!


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