14 October 2015

Do-It-Yourself Flower Tips and Inspiration - # 10 - Dahlias

This time 'Do-It-Yourself Flower Tips and Inspiration' is all about Dahlias.

Here is a little bit of facts and information about the flower: 

- Dahlias are named in honour of the Swedish Dr. Anders Dahl (1751-1789), who was a botanist and pupil of Carl Linnaeus.
- Dahlias are originally from Central America; Colombia and Mexico
- The Aztecs cultivated Dahlias for food and for decorative purposes.
- It's the national flower of Mexico.

I have created a very bright arrangement of two different Dahlias - in a large stainless steel flower bucket - then added a handful of similar coloured items - even the books are matching!

- Dahlia is an old garden flower that was out of fashion, as a cut flower, for a long time but recently have become very popular again.
- Dahlias are available from mid summer well into autumn.
- Dahlias come in an endless array of sizes, shapes and astonishingly vivid colours.
- When buying Dahlias look for crisp foliage and make sure the outer petals are firm not shrivelled. The centre of the flower should be very tight.
- Like always remove all foliage below the water line in the vase.
- Cut the stems at an angle.
- Stand in a cool position away from direct sunlight and radiators.
- Change the water frequently and re-cut the stems and the flowers will last longer.
- In general it's not a long lasting flower - 5-7 days is all you will get out of this flower - so look after it well. 
- At this time of year they mix well with berries and autumn leaves.
-Enjoy this gorgeous flower while you can!

Enjoy your flower arranging!

I will be back on Friday with another 'Bunch for the Weekend' from 'Of Spring and Summer'.

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]


The Gilded Bloom said...

Interesting facts about dahlias, Ingrid! They are my current fall favorite because there are so many stunning colors available. Your bright pink arrangement is lovely...


Frances said...

Ingrid, I think that you already know of my dahlia appreciation. I am so happy to see this post with its additional hints on how to lengthen one's dahlia appreciation once you've brought those beauties home.

I just might have time tomorrow to visit the farmers market. If not tomorrow, then it will be Friday. I do expect to bring a bunch of lovely dahlias home by week's end.

May I tell you again how much I love your posts, and how much you have taught me. xo

Janneke said...

Beautiful pink post, dahlias are indispensable in the cutting garden.

Unknown said...

I love pink Dahlias! This is a very beautiful arrangement you made. Now I got to look around what else to find here :-)

Madelief said...

My favourite autumn flower! A beautiful post Ingrid!

Madelief x

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