4 June 2015

DIY Flower Tips and Inspiration - # 6 - Sweet Pees

Pink Sweet Peas

This time 'Do-It-Yourself  Flower Tips and Inspiration' is all about scented Sweet Peas.

Pink Sweet Peas

  • A lot of people grow their own sweet peas in their garden or allotments but nowadays you can also buy this pretty flower at farmers' markets or floral street sellers.
  • When you buy them look for flower stems where the top flower show colour.
  • The flowers at the base die first so look out for any limp or dying flowers.
  • Stand in shallow water as hairs on the stem cause water to creep upwards and could encourage botrytis (grey mould).
  • Sweet Peas are very sensitive to ethylene gas - so don't put them next to a bowl of fruit!
  • Change water every other day, re-cut stems and place in clean, fresh shallow water.
  • Sweet Peas are a favourite summer flower they come in many, many different colours - white, cream, pale blue, lilac, purple, pale pink, cerise pink, burgundy as well as multi-coloured.
  • Sweet peas are glorious when mixed together en masse in all kinds of different colours.
  • Weather you grow them yourself or you buy a bunch - for the next few months is the time to enjoy this irresistible beauty!    

Cup-Lotta Zerrander, Spoons-Sabre Paris

The pretty blue cup by Swedish potter Lotta Zerrander - who lives and works in Österlen in the south of Sweden.

The adorable little acrylic teaspoons are from the French company Sabre Paris.

Pink Sweet Peas

Have a Great Floral Day!

I'll see you later in the week with more Do-It-Yourself flowers from 'Of Spring and Summer'.

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer]
[Cup by Lotta Zerrander.]
[Spoons from Sabre Paris.]

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martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'ai toujours été attirée par les pois de senteur... Je les ai peint également...Ce n'est pas aisé car il faut leur apporter cette légèreté aérienne...
Merci pour tous vos petits et précieux conseils pour les garder le plus longtemps possible en vase.
J'aime beaucoup la manière de le mettre en fête comme vous l'avez fait.
Très jolies photos.

Gros bisous ❀

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Ingrid!
And the pink en lila so nice.
Have a nice weekend!

With love, Gerry

Frances said...

Oh Ingrid, sweet peas are irrisistible, and your arrangement gives this bouquet a wonderful setting. The color mix really sings a summer tune! That pretty jar with the whimsical patterned spoons just add to the fun.

As always, thank you also for your advice about taking care of the beautiful sweet pea as a cut flower. Very helpful! xo

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