19 January 2015

Take 3 Flowers! - # 5 - Tulips and Hypericum

Tulips and Hypericum

I'm back with another blog post in the series 'Take 3 Flowers!'

Where I will show you how to make easy but beautiful and stylish flower arrangements - just using three different flowers. Often one of the three will be some kind of foliage.

Using just three flowers will sometimes be a challenge - but it will also keep the cost down. Cut flowers can be expensive but foliage on the other hand tends to be cheep. You can use lots of it to help fill out the arrangement and to provide support and structure for the other flowers.

I'm using three different red tulips - all within the red colour spectrum - and to that I have added Hypericum - that will supply both foliage and berries.

I know - I'm breaking the rules a little bit - it's 4 rather than just 3 flowers.  

To tell you the truth it was a special deal on the tulips - three bunches for the price of two and who can resist a special deal? I just thought: "The more the merrier...."

Tulips and Hypericum

You'll need: 

- 10 stems of dark red tulips
- 10 stems of red and orange tulips
- 10 stems of dark red parrot tulips
- 5 stems of Hypericum
- a vase or container in a contrasting or matching colour - in my case I have used a brown vintage pickling jar from the company Höganäs in Sweden

For conditioning the flowers - you'll also need:

- florists snippers or scissors
- a florist bucket

Condition the flowers by removing any leaves that would end up below the water line in the vase. This is to reduce any growth of bacteria from deteriorating leaves.

Cut the stems at an angle - to increase water absorption.  

Put in a clean container with tepid water and leave in a cool, dark place over night or at least for a few hours before making the final arrangement.

You might also have to re-cut the stems while making the final arrangement to suit the size of the vase or container.

Tulips and Hypericum

Start by arranging the Hypericum around the edge of the container - they will kind of embrace the tulips and make a nice edging. Then mix the three different tulips evenly in the middle - keep as many leaves as you possibly can on the tulips to make the arrangement look fuller.

The container I have used is a vintage pickling jar from my grandmother in Sweden. The dark shiny brown is a great contrast to all the red. I have surrounded the arrangement with some hessian fabric, some raffia, natural twine, pieces of wrinkly brown paper and a vintage wooden measuring stick. The red is picked up in some toy spades and a small garden fork. 

Tulips and Hypericum

Most tulips don't have very long stems - so if you want some height don't cut too much off the bottom. Keep them pretty even in height and make a nice slightly domed shape. 

Tulips do continue to grow in the vase - some more than others - so if you want the arrangement to continue looking the same you will have to trim the stems at the same time as you change the water in the vase. Or you can leave the tulips to do their own thing - both ways works - tulips are always beautiful whatever you do.

Tulips are looking really fresh right now and they are also very cheep - if it's the same where you live - just grab the opportunity to get some fabulous looking tulips and start making your own arrangements.

Tulips and Hypericum

Have a Lovely Floral Monday!

See you later in the week!

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Jenny said...

Vilken maffig bukett, vad vackert!!!


Frances said...

Ingrid, seeing this arrangement's bright colors brought me a sense of beautiful energy! That's a terrific response to have on such a cold January morning.

The little garden tools are adorable, and their whimsy seems a very good companion to the tulips and hypericum.


Annika Christensen said...

Vilken bukett! Färgskalan var helt underbar.
Men spadarna var ju också helt otroliga. Jag har en blå som min man lekte med när han var barn.
Allt gott

Our photos said...

Very nice !!

Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

I just found your blog and am now your newest follower. I will love getting inspired by your work. It's beautiful and hopefully I will be able to incorporate your ideas in my own home too.

Anonymous said...

Igen! Du gör det igen! Bara vackrare och vackrare!
Måste väl vara en Höganäskrus du har. Du skriver ju att den är svenska och arvegods. De är så vackra och svenska!

Madelief said...

A beautiful combination Ingrid!

Have a good weekend!

Madelief x

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