22 August 2014

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 18 - Agapanthus Seed Pods

This week on 'A Bunch for the Weekend' - I'm featuring Agapanthus Seed Pods.

Maybe a bit of an unusual flower arrangement - but when I came back to my garden after my summer break all the Agapanthus flowers were over and done with. All that was left was a whole lot of wonderful seed pods and I just had to use them!

For the main arrangement - you'll need:
- 10-12 stems of Agapanthus with the seed pods intact
- a 25-30 cm tall vase with a not too wide opening

For the second small arrangement - you'll need:
- one stem of Agapanthus - where you'll remove all the seed pods
- a small vase with a narrow opening

I treated them as normal flowers and conditioned them as usual. The flower stems have no leaves attached so I didn't have to remove any - but as always I cut the stems at an angle and put them in a clean container with cool water for at least a few hours.

The arrangement lasts for over a week and you can also dry the stems and/or collect the seeds for propagation.

With one stem I went even further and removed all the seed pods leaving a head that looks a bit like a 'bottle brush' - giving an interesting silhouette as a single stem in a contemporary vase.

The vase is from Paradisverkstaden on the island of Öland. 

Two little props - a toy washboard that I had as a child and a candlestick carved in stone from the island of Gotland in Sweden. The stone is polished to an almost silky smooth finish to the touch.

A close-up of the single seed pods on a piece of fabric designed by Lotta Jansdotter - one of my favourite contemporary fabric designers. Lotta was born in Sweden but now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

Have a Great Floral Friday and a Lovely Weekend!

xoxo Ingrid


Jarka Panci said...

Ingrid, Agapanthus is very interesing foto. But little washboard - I am enthusiastic!!
I want it.

Frances said...

Ingrid, I like these additional possibilities using "mature" Agapanthus. It's great to be reminded that plants have many beautiful life stages (hoping that the same is true for us human beings!)

Lotta's fabric suits that arrangement so very well.

I also found your toy washboard brought back a distant faded memory. I think that I might have had one of these as a child.

Happy weekend to you! xo

Janneke said...

Nice composition of Agapanthus stem and seeds.

Julie@peoniesandposies.com said...

What a great idea Ingrid - I have lots of old agapanthus heads that I was going to cut and put in the compost - I wonder if the heads will dry indoors like hydrangeas so that they could be used for Christmas decorations?

Lisa Gordon said...

This is such a wonderful idea, Ingrid!
I love the texture and the wonderful green.
Wishing you a fantastic weekend! xo.

Diana Studer said...

I was wondering ... you have such a huge collection of wonderful vases. How do you store (or display) them?

Our photos said...

Beautiful photo's, Ingrid!

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