14 May 2014

Flowers from the Flower Market - # 3 - Bluebells and Cow Parsley

I was very pleased to see that a brand new flower stall had joined my local farmers' market. So this time my 'Flowers from the Flower Market' is from Forever Green Flower Company - run by the lovely Cel Robertson and her husband Robert.
Their farm is based in Norfolk and they grow their own flowers and sell seasonal hand-tied bouquets and posies.

I loved the combination of English bluebells and cow parsley and bought three bunches.

Their flowers were very popular - they sold all but four of their bouquets on their first day at the market. A great start for Cel and Robert and for British grown flowers and I'm pleased to say that I was one of their first costumers!

While I was conditioning the flowers I separated the bluebells and the cow parsley - as I wanted to make a few different arrangements. 

In the first one I put all the bluebells in an old vintage jug from Sweden. It has little blue bell-shaped flowers on the side. The fabric is by Lotta Jansdotter.

I love the frothiness and simplicity of cow parsley and put all the stems in an opaque bulb vase - in my second arrangement. 

I wanted to keep everything almost white and very simple - so placing a few small vintage glass bottles with the flowers - on a little stool worked out well.

In the last arrangement - I combined all the bluebells and the cow parsley - using again the big jug and this time - wanting to make more of a statement - I placed the jug on a selection of blue and white china plates and finishing it off with a blue and white floral fabric.

Have a Wonderful Floral Wednesday!

See you later in the week!

xoxo Ingrid


Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful combination this is, Ingrid. The green and purple are just perfect.

I wish you a wonderful evening, my friend. xo.

Diana Studer said...

that was fun, ringing the changes. Especially the added texture from the blue and white china.

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Je suis toujours attirée par les fleurs aux nuances bleues... Une belle alliance avec ces fleurs.
Vos photos sont toujours merveilleuses, un véritable plaisir des yeux.

Gros bisous ♡

Frances said...

I'm sure that those folks are going to become even more popular at your local Flower Market. I know that I would be very tempted by combinations like those you selected.

Your arrangements are absolutely beautiful!


HWIT BLOGG said...

Oj jag blir så glad över att läsa att det går att köpa såna här vackra buketter på marknaden! Sånt har vi inte här i Sverige...en otroligt rolig idé!
Buketterna är ju också så fint inslagna, bara det!
Hundkäx är ljuvliga...en favorit som snart blommar här på ön.
Varm kram,

Nat L. said...

Hello Ingrid

Ces fleurs violettes sont superbes et le bouquet est très réussi.
Bon week-end

Hazel Retallick said...

Those are not English bluebells - they are foreign ones that seem to be taking over the native ones

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