28 April 2014

Flowers from the Flower Market - # 2 - Mixed Tulips

Here is another instalment of the monthly mini series of Flowers from the Flower Market.

It will be featuring a plant or flower that caught my eye at the flower market.

I will show two or three very simple ways of using, arranging or displaying the flower.

I spotted some mixed coloured bunches of tulips. I never buy already mixed bunches - as I like to pick and choose myself - but I really liked most of the colours - and the ones I was not sure about - I saw as a challenge!

I started off putting the tulips in fifteen small clear glass bottles - all different sizes and heights. I cut the stems to fit the different bottles and put the taller ones in the back and the really little ones towards the front - and spaced evenly apart. I mostly put just one stem in each bottle but sometimes two - twenty tulip stems in all.

Then something inspired me to put all the little bottles in a basket - tightly packed together to give a more contained feel. I think it worked out very well and again the bottles were graded from tall in the back to the short ones in the front.

Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

See you later in the week!

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

Ingrid, what a grand idea to slip those individual bottles into the basket. Your mixed tulips have gathered together for a delightful group portrait!


Moni Waldfee said...

Hello Ingrid,
wow what a colorful bunch of tulips.
There are one of my favorite flowers in the spring.
They exude so much good humor and sunshine.
Forest fairy greetings, Moni

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful combination of colors, Ingrid, and as always your arrangements are simply gorgeous.

Have a wonderful evening. xo.

Magicwoman said...

Hello Ingrid,

such wonderful Idea with the lovely tulips.

Have also a wonderful day


Janneke said...

Very handy to compose the bottles in the basket. Beautiful mixed tulips lovely arranged.

Nat L. said...

Hello Ingrid
Les couleurs de ces tulipes sont superbes ! Beaucoup de gaieté dans ces bouquets !
A bientôt

FilzGarten said...

How lovely!

Gunsside said...

What a buket
Lovely colored tulips


Autumn May Dale said...

Lovely flowers' I love flowers that blooms in summer. They bloom radiantly. Thanks for sharing.


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Beautiful flowers!nice idea to slip those individual bottles into the basket.Beautiful mixed tulips lovely arranged.Thanks for sharing.