27 April 2014

Florets - Floral Quote - # 61 - by Jane Packer

" I love entertaining and find that one of the quickest ways to dress the living room for a party is to use seasonal flowers. In springtime, fragrant blooms add an extra dimension - think of the heady perfume of hyacinths and narcissus. Also available at this time of year are branches of blossom, pussy willow or sticky bud, all of which can create dramatic display while offering good value for money. If you are lucky enough to have an ornamental fruit tree in your garden, snap of a couple of branches and bring them indoors for a breath of springtime."

~ Jane Packer ~

[Jane Packer: (1959-2011) British florist and founder of Jane Packer Flowers and flower school, author of thirteen books.]
[Quote from: Jane Packer At Home With Flowers.]
[Flowers: Pussy willow branches.]
[Vase: Tall antique crystal vase.]
[Other props: Painted wooden board.]
[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]

Have a Wonderful Floral Sunday!

See you again next week!

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

Ingrid, it was a pleasure to see these words from Jane Packer, to remember her great talent, and to learn that you worked with her.

May I also thank you for the primula post (how I do love those flowers!) and also to have the instructions on how to prolong the life of stock as cut flowers. I will definitely be putting that to use, as I greatly love the look of stock. They always make me want to start drawing. Maybe this spring I will actually get my sketchbook out.


Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

I agree with your quote. Simple flowering branches, even pussy willows, can make a dramatic impact.

Cyndi Murdoch said...

Pussy Willows are a favorite this time of year. I love to switch out my bare winter branches with branches of pussy willows. They are on my front porch as we speak! I love them mixed with the stock.

Randi said...

Sååå snyggt och enkelt...mycket smakfullt!

Our photos said...

Very nice

Lisa Gordon said...

There is something so beautifully simple about pussy willows. This is such a wonderful photograph, Ingrid. xo.

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