17 February 2013

Florets - Floral Quote by Holly Becker

"Presenting flowers in pleasing containers is as important as choosing inspiring flowers in the first place. Always keep an eye out for colourful, unusual, vintage or plain vases, jugs or bowls that will set off all manner of different blooms."
~ Holly Becker ~

[Holly Becker - American interior stylist, blogger and author - founder of decor8.]
[Hellebores in vintage glass vase.]
[Fabric from The Village Haberdashery.]
[Styling and Photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Sophia Callmer said...

Åh, härligt!! Snart, snart blommar de här med, de står beredda ute i snön.. kram Sophia

Emelie said...

Holly is so right!
I love your new profile photo. Finally we got to see you face! ;)
Wish you a lovely Sunday!
// Emelie

Frances said...

Good morning Ingrid, from a very, very windy New York City.

While listening to all the breezy whistling outside my windows, I've so enjoyed having a leisurely catch up of your recent posts. I really do like all that you are doing here on your site.

The videos are helpful and encouraging. the photographs and styling ideas are so beautiful and varied...each one has its own personality.

Your Valentine heart is "simply" elegant and lovely, using materials in a very clever way.

How I wish I had a garden in which to cultivate snowdrops. How fortunate I am to have Central Park's snowdrops so nearby!

And finally...yes, it's grand to see your pretty face!


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Absolutely ... Lovely...

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