18 February 2013

Jessie Weidinger - Flower Arranging Video

This week I want to show you a very short video presented by the very charming Jessie Weidinger. Her floral design company Rountree Flowers is based in New York. She has a background in art history, painting and television production - so quite a creative lady.    

She is showing you quite a big arrangement with mostly red flowers - Peonies, Dahlias, roses and Rununculus. I know that the flowers she is using is more late summer then spring but I liked it so much I just wanted to show it to you!

I think Jessie is just adorable with her big smile and blond hair. The video is just 1:47 min and it's so much fun.

Now - why not grab a cup of coffee and watch some of the previous videos! 

Here are the links:

1. How to Care for Your Flowers presented by the American florist Nico de Swert - 6:26 min. A lot of very useful hints.

2. How to Create a Hand Tied Bunch of Flowers presented by the British gardener, writer and presenter Sarah Raven - 10:15 min. It's long - but she shows you a different but brilliant way to make a hand tied bunch!

3. Flowers Every Day presented by the British florist and author Paula Pryke - 3:53 min. Just lovely!

4. LA in Bloom presented by the American food and lifestyle blogger Heather Taylor and the florist Holly Vesecky - 5:44 min. 

5. How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer presented by the American florist Rebecca Cole - 3:57 min.

I so hope you enjoy watching some of these short videos and that you have picked up a few tips that you can use next time you arrange some flowers.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for making such lovely comments.

xoxo Ingrid

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