25 January 2013

Flowers and Vintage Flickr Group - Tulips

Vintage Tin Flower Arrangement

By Jessica at suchprettythings

I've made this series a regular feature on my blog. The images are all from my Flickr group called Flowers and Vintage.

The group has just over 400 members and over 5 000 photographs. As a moderator I make sure the submissions follow the guidelines that are very simple - all images has to contain flowers or plant material and some kind of vintage or retro objects.

All images link back to the photographers Flickr page and there is a link to their blog or website.    

Tulips from my garden

By Helena at craftandcreativity

Tulip ♥

By Loreta at allthebeautifulthings

[17/365] tulips in glass

By Hannah at honeyandjam

Tulip season is here

By Tamar at nestdecorating

Thursday pics {vintage vase and tulips}

By Ilaria at idainteriorlifestyle

tulips & winner

by Ingrid at woodwoolstool


By Rebecca at sinnenrasch

I hope you enjoyed the tulip theme.

Thanks for the visit.

xoxo Ingrid 


littlebigbell said...

Such a beautiful collection of pictures. Conjures up that image of Spring. If only..... ! Looking out the window i see slushy snow, but nevermind, I can pretend by looking at these fresh spring blooms :) xx

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Oooh, these photos are so pretty. I love your Flickr group and obviously need to spend more time there smelling the flowers!

Thanks so much Ingrid for your visit to my blog. I have always enjoyed yours and your photography.

I just picked some fresh daffodils from our garden and will photograph them to share in the group!

Ciao bella,

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful collection this is!

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