23 January 2013

Gatherings Magazine - Winter's Palette

This is my feature in the latest issue of Gatherings Magazine.
The winter issue is called The White Issue and the title of my piece is Winter's Palette.

Inspired by her 
Scandinavian Heritage 
Ingrid Henningsson 
Winter's Palette.


Winter, as we all know, can be a cold and melancholy time of year and so you want to make your home feel warm and comforting. I love and adore colour but the Scandinavian in me is often seduced by minimalism and especially white.

For the White Issue I have created three moodboards that can work as inspiration for choosing and arranging flowers and other white objects around the home. I think flowers and art are two of the most essential elements for providing beauty and pleasure to a room and can totally transform a space. Candles are a fantastic way of providing atmosphere and give a warm and cosy feeling especially in the winter. 

The flowers I have used are two kinds of large white Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums have been cultivated in China for centuries and are a sacred flower in Japan. The flower was brought to Europe in the 17th century and has been popular ever since. It is often overlooked as it is seen as ordinary, but it is a flower that is available during the winter months and they are also tremendous value because they often last for up to three weeks.

I have simply made both large and small hand-tied bunches of densely packed flower heads. Hand-tied simply means holding the bunch in one hand and adding to it with the other hand and turning the bunch while working, this way you end up with a lovely rounded shape.  

Choosing a container for your flowers can both be tricky and fun at the same time. You can use your best crystal vase or you can do what I did and use vintage apothecary jars, a re-used French honey pot and an old Bonne Maman jam jar. Mix and match according to the size and colour of the flowers and where you are going to place the arrangement.

For the moodboards each has a different theme; one has cream ceramics in varied shapes and forms echoing the objects in the painting, the second has stacked painted wooden cubes displaying little miniature treasures and the third has a collection of glass and crystals.

I have used a wide range of different whites using a mix of old vintage objects from flea markets, a few small collections of found things, some newly bought or just created bits and pieces, inherited treasures, personal mementos from family and friends as well as things from other cultures. I have also used different textures, varying heights and some darker or black elements to give it a bit of drama.

Use flowers whenever and wherever you can, pick some from your garden, buy some from your local farmers market or your friendly florist. Flowers will lift the spirit all year around regardless of season!

Ribbons from Jane Means Collection

A big thank you to Editor in Cheif 

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xoxo Ingrid 

[Styling and photography by Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer for Gatherings Magazine, White Issue 2013]
[Resources: see Gatherings Magazine.]


Lisa Gordon said...

Ingrid, these are so very beautiful.
I love the wonderful neutral tones.
Wishing you a fantastic week ahead.

Frances said...

Ingrid, I so enjoyed your article, full of your wisdom and unique sense of style.

(It was also fun to watch Sarah Raven's video.)

We will be having sub-freezing weather here in NYC for the next five or six days...so it's lovely to see some flowers blooming somewhere in the world!


Anonymous said...

I love Chrysanthemums and feel they are often overlooked so it was wonderful to see them featured in such a beautiful way.

Georgianna said...

Such a beautiful feature, Ingrid. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! You make winter's palette stylish, calming and peaceful.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the snow is more fun than nuisance. :)

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