21 September 2016

Creative with Flowers - # 19 - Two Pink Chrysanthemums

Let me set the scene. You are just home from a long day of being on your feet - kick off your shoes, grab a cup of herbal tea and a good book. Sit down in a favourite chair - made even more comfortable with a cushion and a warm blanket - and NOW you can also enjoy the flowers you made earlier!

This series of blog posts - called 'Creative with Flowers' - are about using flowers in creative ways. It could be about how the flowers are combined - maybe in a little bit of an unusual way. It might be the choice of vase - maybe not a vase at all but a container that could be anything from jugs, bottles, jars, tins or teapots - vintage or new it doesn't matter. 

As usual my arrangements will be quick and easy - and there will always be lots and lots of colour!

What could be simpler than two different pink chrysanthemums in an old apothecary jar. The jar is a little chipped and the lid is missing but that has never stopped me making use of it. 

I've used two pink colours - but twice as many stems of the darker colour with just a few of the lighter pink to lift the whole colour scheme.

The chair is a Lloyd Loom chair from the 1930's - in it's original colour! The cushion is made from a vintage patchwork quilt. Both the cushion and the chair are almost perfectly matching the flowers.

The book is by Nessa Buonomo and is called Tables fleuries. Nessa is a florist and she writes the blog La Mariee aux Pieds NusThis is her third book and if you are wondering - and yes, it's only so far published in french. She makes lovely flower arrangements - a little wild country style and very beautiful.

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Wednesday!

Thank you for visiting 'Of Spring and Summer - I will be back on Friday with some more floral delights. Hope to see you then. 

~ xoxo ~

[Styling, photography and text © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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1 comment:

Frances said...

What a beautiful setting you've shown us.

The colors' harmony is superb. I would very much like to have that chair! xo

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