25 May 2016

Flowers and Ribbons - # 6 - Clematis and Sweet Peas

This series of blog posts is called 'Flowers and Ribbons' and is a collaboration I do with the ribbon designer and wrapping expert Jane Means. We are an international team of bloggers who use Jane's ribbons in some of our posts while Jane provides us with her ribbons.

I wanted to show how you in different ways can combine ribbons with flowers and make the whole arrangement that little bit extra special.

The flowers that I have used here are purple clematis and two different sweet peas both similar in colour as well as picking up the purple in the clematis. 

I have used ribbons in two different ways. The first one is just simply tied around the container of the main flower arrangement. In this case a grey metal container and the ribbon I have used is a stitched grosgrain in a dark grey colour. The ribbon is almost black so it still show some contrast with the grey colour of the container. 

The second way is around the stems of a mini posy of sweet peas. I have used a narrower stitched grosgrain ribbon but it's in the same grey colour. I also added a purple luggage tag to the ribbon.

The little glasses, with the floral motif, that I'm using as vases are from Anthropologie

The clematis that you can buy from the flower stalls and florist shops is different to the climbing clematis that you might grow in your garden. It's cultivated to grow long straight stems that is easily mixed with other flowers. If you can find this kind of clematis - go for it - it's well worth it and they keep on flowering and I love the bell-shaped flowers.

It's always fun to be able to use flowers that are a little bit unusual - using clematis and sweet peas together has worked out to be a great combination. 

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Wednesday!

I'll be back on Friday with more floral delights from Of Spring and Summer.

~ xoxo ~

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Janneke said...

So very beautiful the combination of Clematis and sweet peas!

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