27 May 2016

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 78 - Anemones

It's always a pleasure and lots of fun to buy a bunch of flowers for the weekend and this series of blog posts, called 'A Bunch for The Weekend, will show you how you can make quick and easy flower arrangements for your home. 

Buy the flowers where it's convenient and easy for you whether that is from a flower stall, farmers' market, the supermarket or a florist. 

Always try to buy seasonal flowers - they will be a lot cheaper.

Make sure you condition the flowers as soon as you get home. Remove any foliage that will end up below the waterline in the vase. Trim the ends of the stems at an angle and put in fresh water as soon as possible.  

This week, on 'A Bunch for the Weekend', I'm featuring some hot pink Anemones. As a vase I'm using a vintage apothecary jar - that normally comes with a stopper. This one has a large enough neck to comfortably fit a handful of 10-15 stems.

Around the neck of the jar I have tied a few strands of black and white baker's twine. It picks up the dark and very beautiful centre of the Anemones.

Anemones can be quite delicate so they should be handled with care. They have a hollow hairy stem and should be placed in shallow water. In deep water they have a tendency to rot.

On a little white ceramic plate I have placed a mix of black vintage glass buttons, a pair of black clip-on earrings and a mini belt buckle. They are all from the Victorian era when black jewellery was very popular.   

I love Anemones with their almost black button centre and their frilly petal collar, They can be a little challenging to use as they continue to grow in the vase and the stems tend to bend. But it's well worth it as they come in so many gorgeous colours and they last much longer than you think!  

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Friday!

I'll be be back on Sunday with another 'Florets' - a quote from a passionate flower lover.

~ xoxo ~

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