25 March 2016

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - A Floral Easter!

Daffodils is a classic spring flower and will often flower around the time of Easter. The bright yellow colour is a welcome sight in any garden or park. 

This daffodil that I have used here is one called Narcissus Tête-À-Tête and its only about 20 cm tall. Small and very sweet and perfect for using as single stems in any small vase or container.

I have a collection of clear glass bottles - from as small as 5 cm to quite tall ones. Some are new but most of them are vintage often picked up in charity stores or flea-markets for very little money. 

Some have company names embossed in the glass, others are old perfume bottles and some have worn labels on the side.

When I cut the flowers in my garden I made sure I cut the stem as long as possible. The flowers are not very tall and to get the right proportions you want to have the flexibility to pair up the right size flower with the right size bottle. 

Start by putting the flowers with the longest stems in the taller bottles. Match the other stems to shorter bottles and vary the height of the flowers so that there is variation in each container.

In this case I have put most of the bottles on a little white painted footstool with a vintage metal bird my son gave me for Mother's Day.

This kind of flower arrangement can go down the middle of your Easter table or gather the collection on a tray and place it on a side table. Small bottles like these are charming on a bedside table in the guest bedroom or on a coffee table.

Pick some daffodils from your garden and dig out some bottles and make little arrangements - what could be easier!

Titti over on HWIT BLOGG is also  doing a floral Easter theme - so go over and see what she is up to.

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a wonderful floral Friday and a very Happy Easter!

I'll see you on Sunday with another Florets - a floral quote from someone passionate about flowers.


~ xoxo ~

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Frances said...

Dear Ingrid, your jolly little tete a tete daffs make a delightful Easter line up...like a joyful choir!

Happy Easter to you and yours. xo

Madelief said...

So very sweet! I do like those tete a tets. Happy Easter to you!

Madelief x

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