23 March 2016

Creative with Flowers - # 4 - Caramba Tulips

Today on 'Creative with Flowers' we are taking a look at how you can use the same simple bunch of tulips and use them in a few different ways.

The tulip I have used is called - if you call it by its proper botanical name, Tulipa 'Caramba' - which I think is a wonderful name.

I have picked up the pink colour in the tulips and added a few pink props such as a striped fabric, some bright pink raffia, a saucer with pink flowers and pink labels.

The first arrangement has a grandmother feel to it. The embroidery pair of scissors belonged to my grandmother and so did the mother-of-pearl buttons in the little vintage glass jar. The glasses belonged to my grandfather.

For this arrangement I have used a white jar from Gustafsberg in Sweden and its dated 1898 - so again around the time my grandmother was born. 

I have kept the stems as long as possible and I have only removed any broken or damaged leaves. It's quite nice when you can keep lots of fresh crisp tulip leaves. It adds a lot of visual variation and interest to the arrangement.  

The pink on the petals looks like someone has taken a paint brush - dipped it in paint and just made little brushstrokes on each petal.

The next arrangement is really a bouquet to give to a friend. I wanted to show that you just have to add little details - like the colour coordinated raffia and label makes the flowers look special. Quick, easy and simple! 

For the last arrangement I have used one of my favourite vases - a white mini Alvar Aalto Savoy vase. By now you probably say "Oh no, not again!"

I have cut the the stems very short - so that they sit just above the edge of the vase. Vary the height a little bit to give some variation.

In the background you can see a second very small pink vase with the same tulips - just to accompany the lager vase. 

It's the same bunch of tulips that I have used throughout - just showing how you can use them in different ways.

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a wonderful floral Wednesday!

I'll see you on Friday with another FLOWERS from Titti and I - with some floral inspiration for Easter.


~ xoxo ~

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Diana Studer said...

I welcome your beautiful vase again. You have such an inspiring collection.

Garima said...


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