21 March 2016

Floral Media - Easter Decorations from The Joy of Plants

Do you need some new and fresh inspiration for Easter? Take a look at this short video from The Joy of Plants and Funny How Flowers Do That - on how to decorate your Easter table this spring. They are being creative with both flowers and other plants. There are also some links below on how to do some of the decorations.

Here are a few of the ideas featured:
- grey linen table cloth and napkins that are folded into long shapes and placed in between the two plates
- grey plates
- gilded cutlery
- pretty heirloom crystal glasses
- a flower or foliage on each plate next to the menu
- tall tapered white candles
- individual flowers straight on the table cloth
- small vintage glass bottles with just a few flowers and branches
- cover eggs with moss, flowers and fern and hold it all in place with thin gold wire wound around the shape and positioned at each place-setting
- little nests made from moss, flowers, thin branches and planted half eggsshells - placed on a piece of wood with a candle
- individual potted bulbs wrapped in hessian fabric and tied with narrow ribbons
- eggs with fern, leaves and flowers glued onto the shells
- a few brass objects placed around the table

Printed menus and here is what was served:
Risotto Cake with Pistachio Pesto
Pan Roasted Duck with A Parsnip Puree and Red Wine Gravy
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Here are a lot of lovely ideas to use for inspiration when you invite friends and family over for Easter.

Here are the links to how to make some of the decorations:

Have a wonderful and very floral Easter!

I'll see you later in the week with some more floral delights from Of Spring and Summer.


~ xoxo ~

All images provided by The Joy of Plants.

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Shimyl Ahmed said...


Frances said...

Dear Ingrid, these are splendid Easter ideas. If the weather is not wet, I plan to stroll over to the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade next Sunday, and look at bonnets.

Thank you also for the Tricia Guild quote. I've always admired her sense of color and style, and make a point of visiting her shop when I am in London.

Happy Easter! xo

Janneke said...

Some great Easter ideas Ingrid!

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