13 May 2015

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Floral Tea Party

The theme for FLOWERS this week is 'Floral Tea Party' - I have created a fantasy tea party where the coffee pot pour flowers into floral cups and there are flowers instead of cake on the plates.  

The flowers I have used are two different pink Ranunculus, a pink and green tulip called 'China Town', some dark green unfurling fern fronds from my garden, white stock flowers, a white rose and Polygonatum hirtum or as they are more commonly known - Solomon's seal - which is also from my garden.

Pink and green is a colour combination I love. Ranunculus and ribbons are two other things I love.

The narrow pink stitched grosgrain ribbon is designed by Jane Means

I'm one of these people who doesn't even have to use the ribbon for anything. I enjoy just looking at it and I'm the same with buttons and a whole lot of other haberdashery. Yes, I know, I know - a bit funny! It was probably passed on to me from my mother and Grandmother who both had cake tins full of buttons.

As part of my fantasy tea party is a little light reading by the light of a vintage lantern. The books are the two novels Emma and Mansfield Park by Jane Austin.

The fabulous vintage cup has a hand painted pattern called 'Foxglove' - a beautiful but highly poisonous plant. The foxglove - Digitalis purpurea -  is a biennial plant which means that it takes two years for it to flower. But even though the wait is long its worth waiting for. They also freely self seed so you get little surprises all over your garden.  

I hope you have enjoyed my little fantasy tea party!

Titti Malmberg - my lovely Swedish based collaborator - who I work alongside on FLOWERS - has also created a new post on her blog HWIT BLOGG - so please follow the link to her blog and go over and see her interpretation on the theme. 

Have a Very Happy Floral Wednesday!

I'll see you later in the week with more flowers from 
'Of Spring and Summer'

~ xoxo ~ 


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for FLOWERS and Of Spring and Summer.]
[Pink ribbon from Jane Means.]
[Ranunculus and tulips from Forever Green Flower Company.]


Pamela Gordon said...

So beautiful! I am visiting from Titti's blog and enjoy her photos a lot. Your photos and flower arranging are gorgeous! Pamela

Vicky said...

Hi Ingrid,
Such pretty arrangements ! How beautiful! ITiti and you ,are realy flower artists.

Mys och hemtrevnad said...

Lovely blogg you have...hugs semlan

Anonymous said...

I come from Titti to Ingrid!
You ranunculus are beautiful!
And that old cup with the foxglove, what a picture!
Beautiful pictures you've made from the teaparty!

With love, Gerry

Frances said...

Ingrid, what a delightful tea party! Thank you for the invitation.

The flowers are so pretty...as is that tiny lamp. It's a gem.


Janneke said...

That foxglove cup is gorgeous. I love floral teaparties and Ranunculus are wonderful flowers for arrangements. In company of one of the books of Jane Austen, tea and flowers my day will be perfect.

The Gilded Bloom said...

The pink and green combination is very pretty, Ingrid! I also love the foxglove tea cup...


Jenny said...

Men åh, den tekoppen ville jag ha!!! Vilket underbart Tea party, jag kommer!!!


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