11 May 2015

Floral Media - Flower Agenda - week 20-22 - Peony

Bloemenagenda 2015 Pioenroos

Here is another instalment from The Flower Council of Holland's campaign about cut flowers called Flower Agenda and the last two weeks in May it's all about peonies.

Bloemenagenda 2015 Pioenroos

They are featuring 15 different cut flowers during 2015. 

Bloemenagenda 2015 Pioenroos

Here is a link to the UK branch of The Flower Council of Holland giving some useful and interesting information about peonies. 

Bloemenagenda 2015 Pioenroos

This massively popular flower is at its best between April and June. Its easy to see why its popular in gardens, with florists and other flower lovers. 

Flower Agenda 2015 peony

Peonies are very versatile - arrange on their own as a large arrangement or as a mixed arrangement like in the two images above. You can also cut the stems short and make a low arrangement for a coffee table or as single stems as in the two first images at the top of this post. 

There is no wrong way to display peonies - they will look beautiful whatever you do! 

Bloemenagenda 2015 Pioenroos

Have a Happy Floral Thursday!

I'll see you later in the week with more flowers from 
'Of Spring and Summer'.

~ xoxo ~



Janneke said...

This is a great post I love peonies in the garden and on the vase!

Anonymous said...

Ooh ... the peonies are so beautiful!
In the garden, but especially to me in the vase. And beautiful species are there?
They also are coming into the store.

With love, Gerry

Frances said...

Peony season is amongst the most beautiful times of the year! Over here, stems of Peonies and Lilacs are often sold together. It's a very sweet cliche!

Happy May to you Ingrid. xo

Lisa Gordon said...

What a gorgeous spring bouquet, Ingrid! xo.

Jenny said...

Men gudars vad vackert med pionerna, nu blev jag verkligen pionsjuk!!! Gillar blandningen på dem högst upp, med flera olika nyanser från ljust till mörkt. Underbart!!!

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