20 April 2015

DIY Flower Tips and Inspiration - # 2 - Muscari and Myosotis

This my second in the series 'DIY Flower Tips and Inspiration' - is all about two quite common garden flowers - Muscari - also called Grape Hyacinth and Myosotis - more well known as Forget-me-not.

They are two early spring flowers that are like made for each other. Here in the UK and especially in my London garden they flower at the same time.

BUT you have to be quick - if you blink or look away for too long they will be over and done - especially if the sun comes out.

Now to the bad news! 

  • Don't put a vase with Muscari on a light tablecloth. The flower has dark almost black pollen that stains fabric. The pollen falls from all the lower little flower buds and are too small and fiddly to remove. 
Apart from that it's a great little flower! 

  • Forget-me-nots self seeds freely and your garden will be covered quite quickly if you don't watch out - it can become a bit of a weed really. While they are flowering they look so charming it's hard to pull them out. But be brave or they will take over! If you want them in an area of your garden - shake the flowers you have pulled out from elsewhere and let the seeds fall where you want them.
Apart from that it's also a great little flower!

Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

I'll see you later in the week with more flowers from 
'Of Spring and Summer'

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Anonymous said...

Hello Ingrid!
You make again a beautiful combination of this delicate flowers.
It's so nice!
Have a nice week!

With love,

Frances said...

Ingrid, your tips about these beautiful purple/blue flowers are so interesting...without any garden of my own nowadays, I did not remember about the pollen or the invasive attributes. I do know how beautiful the two look together!


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Muscari one of my favourites. We call the other dainty flower Forget-me-Knots.
Sweet little bouquet...
Susan x

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A lovely combination of spring flowers that are perfect for my favourite small vases.

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