6 August 2014

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Flowers in Baskets

Baskets are very forgiving and can hide many sins and they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. Flowers that are already planted in pots often come in not so pretty plastic pots. If the arrangement is for a dinner party or you only want to keep the plant indoors for as long as it's flowering - a temporary solution is to pop the whole thing in a basket. 
I've been working on this blog post while I'm away from home - so I have not had access to all my usual props. Even so - where I'm staying there are dozens of flea markets every week during the summer and I've had so much fun visiting lots of them.

I found three very different baskets - a large rusty metal basket, a new small tightly woven basket - light in colour and a beautiful vintage one - used and weathered with lots of patina.

I'm staying out in the country where there are very few florists and no flower markets or flower stalls. It has also been very dry so most things growing in the gardens are already past their best.
What you can find is a lot of potted plants and I picked up a beautiful potted pink hydrangea and some blue Campanula.

Both plants can be planted out in the garden once they have finished flowering.

You'll need to protect the base of the basket - so put the pot on a saucer or in a bowl to collect any water draining out of the pot. 

The beautiful little blue cup is by the Swedish potter Lotta Zerrander. I love the blue colour of the glaze and the abstract leaf pattern on the side. 

You'll might also need to raise the pots to sit higher up in the basket - use anything that is the right height for positioning the flowers a bit above the edge of the basket.

In the case of the wire basket - I lined the basket with some pretty fabric as well as using a few kitchen bowls to raise the flowers to the right height. Everything well hidden by the fabric and all contained within the basket.

Using baskets is a quick and very easy solution - and can be adapted for all kinds of situations. 

My collaborator Titti Malmberg over on HWIT BLOGG is also featuring baskets - so go over to her blog and see what she is up to.

Here is a link to all the previous FLOWERS Titti and I have done.

You can also find all the images on my Pinterest.

Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

I hope you are still having a lovely summer!

I will be back next week with a more normal posting schedule. 

xoxo Ingrid 


The Gilded Bloom said...

Beautiful Ingrid...I particularly like the blue campanula in the light colored basket. Enjoy your time in the country!


Pondside said...

How pretty!
I've started to look for old, large market baskets and I have been using them with potted flowers outdoors. They don't seem to mind the elements and they are easy to move around when I want a little colour in a particular place.

angie said...

sie haben ihre blumen sehr schön dekoriert!!!!! alles iebe von angie

Marit Bekkevold Skoglund said...

For en flott blogg. Melder meg på som følger. Blomster kan man aldri få for mye av.
Klem fra Marit

Jarka Panci said...

Ingrid, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Titti, too.
I like flowers very much. The same Hydrangea is in my garden.
These punnets are nice.

Frances said...

Ingrid, what fun you and Titti have been having with these baskets. I love the variety of basket shapes and sizes and how you've adjusted the type of flower so well to suit the particular basket.

The wire basket's fabric lining is a perfect touch.

The little blue cup is a a real gem. What a color!

Best wishes, as August brings on the real heat of summer. xo

Lisa Gordon said...

Ingrid, both you ant Titti are so very talented.
Truly such beautiful flowers here, and it always summer when I visit you here. Thank you for that.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have used other containers with a vase of flowers tucked inside but have not experimented with baskets. I'll have to try this and I like the idea of the fabric hiding the vessel holding the flowers.

Sajina Sunil said...

Beautiful. Basket and flowers!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Vackert Ingrid...som alltid!
Varm kram,

Madelief said...

A beautiful post Ingrid!

Madelief x

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