4 May 2014

Florets - Floral Quote - # 62 - by Isabelle Palmer

"Flower arranging is often regarded as a rather staid and old-fashioned hobby. However, there has recently been a noticeable resurgence in floral arrangements, with edgier displays featuring wilder flowers that are markedly different from commercial flowers. Flower arranging is a wonderful pastime; I love whiling away an afternoon arranging my favourite flowers - it's a creative, rewarding, and therapeutic activity."
~ Isabelle Palmer ~ 

[Isabelle Palmer: British, small-space gardening expert, founder of her company The Balcony Gardener and author of two books The Balcony Gardener and The House Gardener.]
[Quote from: The House Gardener.]
[Flowers: Saponaria.]
[Vase: Vintage apothecary jar.]
[Vintage: Arts and Crafts metal grate.]
[Other props: Old painted door and marble table.]
[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]

Have a Lovely Floral Sunday!

See you next week!

xoxo Ingrid



Lisa Gordon said...

This is such a beautiful photograph, Ingrid!
I love the weathered wood you used for the background. Just perfect. xo.

Jarka Panci said...

Flower arranging is a beautiful hobby. Still cut, it is a pity to throw them away. Until, finally, need to lay a flower into the water on the saucer.
A beautiful sunny Sunday.

Mila said...

I don't think it's old fashioned, even more, I think it's hard!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Ja nog är det är en gammeldags hobby men en alldeles underbar hobby också! Kan man någonsin bli trött på blommor?
Jättevacker bild...

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