5 January 2014

Florets - Floral Quote # 45 by Rebecca Tanqueray

Bring a table to life with flowers.

"How you present flowers is up to you, but generally, the more creative you are, the more impact the arrangement will have. Instead of the usual bunch of flowers in a vase, experiment with single blooms in tumblers or eggcups, use a large bowl or even a cake stand for a pretty central display. You could even scatter petals across the tabletops. Flowers should be an eye-catching focal point, so play around with different effects and see what works best. An unusual focal point will bring charm and personality to a table, but don't be tempted to overdo it. The trick is to make sure that all the elements of the tabletop work together in harmony rather than one detail grabbing all the attention."  

~ Rebecca Tanqueray ~

[Rebecca Tanqueray: British,  former Deputy Editor of Elle Decoration (UK), writer on interior and design for newspapers and magazines; author of several books on interior design.]
[Quote: From Table Style by Liz Belton and Rebecca Tanqueray.]
[Flowers: Purple red tulips.]
[Vintage: Kilim, garden urn and candelabra.]
[Styling and photography: © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

I agree with that recommendation. Though it's great to have lots of beautiful flowers, we can make a state with just a few beautiful flowers as long as we have an interesting vessel. You are very creative with that approach. I also like the way you group your flower arrangement with other objects.

Lisa Gordon said...

The colors in this are gorgeous, Ingrid.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Our photos said...

Beautiful photo.
I saw you on pinterest.


Greetings, SK

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