3 January 2014

Floral Media # 12 BY FRYD - e-magazine by Jeanette Lunde


Jeanette Lunde writes the blog By Fryd - she lives and works in Norway - and she is a graphic designer, interior stylist, teacher, photographer and editor-in-chief of the e-magazine By Fryd. 

Jeanette has recently started to work with Hilde Mork, another Norwegian graphic designer - they met over the internet and formed the company HYSJ. Together they work in Jeanette's studio - a renovated barn that has been transformed to a beautiful white studio space. They have an on-line shop where they sell their prints and photographs.

Jeanette has just published the fourth issue of her e-magazine By Fryd - that means 'with joy'. The magazine is divided into five parts - called The Studio, x-mas, DIY, Words and My Journey.

You get to see - before and after - images of the studio space - as well as beautiful images of Jeanette's styling and photography. There are examples of Jeanette's and Hilda's work and some DIY projects including some floral styling and throughout Jeanette weaves her gentle and poetic words. 

[Photography: © Jeanette Lunde.]


Our photos said...

Thanks for the magazine, it is beautiful!

cafenoHut said...

I love her images so much. Thanks for sharing...

Lin said...

I've always wondered what 'By Fryd' meant... such a lovely name. I'm off to view this publication as I've always admired her blog.
Thank you for sharing it with us, Ingrid!

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