23 January 2014

Floral Styling - A Simple Flower Arrangement - # 4 - Green Tulips and Blue Hyacinths

This is the fourth instalment in my series called Floral Styling - A Simple Flower Arrangement and this time I have used some fabulous green parrot tulips and purple hyacinths. 

As soon as I got home from the farmers' market - I conditioned the flowers and left them outside in the cold to have a good drink. 

I knew I wanted to do some strong colour contrasting and started by putting together all my props - vases etc. I went for two vintage very dark blue apothecary glass bottles and a smaller lighter blue.  

In this case I knew I couldn't use the bottles as vases - the neck is too narrow and both tulips and hyacinths have thick fleshy stems - and for this occasion the two bigger bottles were also too tall. 

I like the look of the fleshy stems and in particular the colour of the stems on the hyacinths. So the vase I went for was a square clear glass vase - perfect for a short squat arrangement.   

I stripped off all the leaves on both flowers and I also cut the stems quite short. I wanted the flower heads of the hyacinths to rest on the edge of the vase. The two flowers are mixed randomly - because I didn't want it to look too arranged.

I used nine stems of hyacinths and twelve parrot tulips - just enough to make a perfect size arrangement for a table.

The contrasting colours work well together and the dark blue bottles makes a stunning backdrop.  

Here are links to the three previous posts in the series. 
Post # 1 has an introduction to the series. 

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Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

Back soon!

xoxo Ingrid


Our photos said...

Beautiful photos for today!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful arrangement Ingrid - you are so lucky to have parrot tulips - I have not seen any for sale yet. I would love to see a picture of your prop cupboard - you seem to have so many beautiful things to enhance your flower arrangements.

Lisa Gordon said...

Everything here makes me think of spring, Ingrid.
Thank you for that (it is sooooo cold here).

I love these colors, and those blue bottles are just perfect for the flowers.


Soportales 8 said...

Jacintos y tulipanes... dos flores preciosas! Acabo de descubrir su blog y me hice seguidora porque me encanta! Espero que vea nuestro blog, soportales8.blogspot.com y si lo desea nos siga :) Un saludo.

Nat L. said...

J'adore ces couleurs. Ce bleu intense. Vivement le printemps et l'éclosion des jacinthes au jardin et dans les bois ! J'ai hâte de faire de beaux bouquets.
Bon week-end

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

I love those rich blues and greens together. I bet they brighten up a winter's day!

Art and Sand said...

I am working on improving my photography and the "staging" of my photos. '

The dark blue bottles with the lovely flowers is gorgeous.

Carlos Green said...

It's hard to do flower arrangement especially if you are not creative though you can do anything you want but of course being appreciated is another story. I found yours as one of the best.

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