21 January 2014

Floral Media #16 - Heart Home E-Magazine

The Winter issue of Heart Home magazine is out!

The Winter Issue of Heart Home Magazine is out - and like always there is a great selection of interiors, food, travel and shopping; and it features a lot of creative people from textile and graphic designers to printers and painters.

On of my favourites was the article on Jeanette Lunde and Hilde Mork's new interior styling and graphic design company HYSJ. I featured Jeanette's e-magazine By Fryd on my blog a little while ago.

I also very much liked the review on Emily Henson's lovely new book called Modern Rustic. A lovely lady who I had the pleasure to meet not so long ago. 

There is also a fair amount of floral arrangements - that I'm obviously very happy about.

Here is a link to Heart Home e-magazine - that you can read for free on the internet.

[Styling of wreath and image: Claire Morgan]
[Photography: © Andrew Boyd]

Have a Lovely Floral Day!

Back soon!

xoxo Ingrid


HWIT BLOGG said...

Åh så roligt! Ska genast kolla in...säkert en massa fint!
Ha en fin tisdag Ingrid...
Kram Titti

Lisa Gordon said...

Thank you SO much for the link, Ingrid.
I was quite sure I'd bookmarked it, but then could not find it, so it's great to have it again!

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