6 October 2013

Florets - Floral Quote by Paula Pryke

"Colour is the most important element in any flower arrangement because it sets the mood of the display - the colour can be vibrant and arresting or calm and soothing. The technical skills involved in arranging flowers can be learned but I believe we are born with our own personal response to colour. The way we 'see' colour can be very different from the next person and what one person may consider to be bright and colourful, another may consider garish."

~ Paula Pryke ~

[Paula Pryke - British, London based florist, founder of Paula Pryke Flower School and author of fifteen books.]
[Quote: from Living Colour by Paula Pryke.]
[Flowers: Orange Chrysanthemums.]
[Vase: Vintage clear glass apothecary jar.]
[Other Props: Rag weaving from Anthropologie.]
[Styling and photography: © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


oumberligating said...

Ingrid Henningsson...låter svenskt, provar med det.
Fin blogg, fina bilder måste jag säga, halkade in här ifrån Trädårdsflowan!
Ha en fin Söndag, Med vänlig hälsning ifrån Oumberlige Peter!

Frances said...

Ingrid, what is written here about individuals' varying responses to color/s is so true.

My response to your photo of the autumn flowers is that the colors are harmonious, but have just that sharp accent that sets the flowers music into action.

Really lovely.

And the woven rag mat keeps the foundation calm and steady.


Lisa Gordon said...

Such beautiful autumn colors, Ingrid!

Happy Sunday to you.

Bente Holst said...

Beautiful :-)

Bare Mtn Farm said...

Beautiful autumn flowers. Love the colors.

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