27 September 2013

Floral Styling - A Simple Flower Arrangement - # 1 - White Delphiniums

What constitutes a simple flower arrangement? Well, it depends on a lot of different things.

- Who you are and what you like?
- What are your aesthetics and what does you home look like?
- Do you like simplicity or do you want lots of things around you? 
- Do you prefer just a few colours in the same tones or a whole riot of strong colours?
-Where are you going to put the arrangement?

When it comes to flower arranging there are a few other things you also need to take into consideration.

- What season is it? 
- What is available to you either from your garden or to buy? 
- How much are you willing to spend on everyday flowers?
- Do you own a lot of different kinds of vases?
- How much knowledge do you have about flowers or plants and how to look after them?

To some people a simple arrangement means just one type of flower in a vase or just one stem in several small vases. Simple could also mean a bunch of wild flowers you've just picked when you went for a walk. If you have a cutting garden what could be simpler then to go out in the garden and cut a bunch of home-grown flowers. Simple might also mean using recycled jam jars and bottles.

Well, for me it's often the Scandinavian minimalistic aesthetics that takes over but not always - I also love lots of colour and to have a warm and cosy feeling around me.
I live in England that has a cold, damp and rainy climate with low light levels for many months of the year, houses are not very well insulated and it's easy to feel cold. So it's not surprising that I also want colour and warmth in my life. Minimal colours or full of vibrant colours - both ways can be done without too much effort. 

Having easy access to buy fresh cut flowers constitutes "simple" as far as I'm concerned. I love buying my flowers from farmers' markets because it means that I know they are locally grown by the seller and that they are fresh and seasonal. I have three markets within 10 minutes from my house and I usually go twice a week to buy my flowers for very little money.  

With this rather long introduction to the first in a series called A Simple Flower Arrangement - I think we have established that a simple arrangement can be many things - depending on what your expectations are.

In this arrangement I have used white Delphiniums and they are simply arranged on their own in an Art Nouveau glass vase that picks up the specks of green in the flowers. The flowers are so beautiful on their own that there is no need to add any other flowers or foliage.

I have added three little sparkly mini vases, a mini elephant and the dark background is a three-dimensional rag rug weaving - woven by me a long time ago in a different life.  

Have a wonderful floral day!

xoxo Ingrid


Janneke said...

This simple arrangement of white Delphiniums is gorguous, but I guess you understand already: I like to see this, but I am not good at minimalism myself. My house is a bit shabby with lots of antique, vintage and new things and not to forget many books around us, so my flower arrangements are mostly like I am.

Lisa Gordon said...

I love very simple flower arrangements, especially using white flowers. This is beautiful, Ingrid.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. xo.

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