25 September 2013

Floral Media - Gatherings Magazine Fall 2013

Gatherings Magazine has just published their Fall Issue for 2013 - it's called Rustic Romance. The Editor Heather Spriggs Thompson has done an excellent job as usual. 

I'm one of the Contributing Editors and the Floral Stylist on the magazine. Here is part of my feature for this issue. 

Creating seasonal flower arrangements in deep, dark, rich tones, there are lots of flowers and foliage you can try.

The main flower I have in the arrangements is the Hydrangea in inky blue and purple tones, mostly arranged on their own - the big flower heads have a lot of texture and colour; and they create enough impact just by themselves and often don't need any other flowers. Hydrangeas are a flower arranger's dream flower as they are easy to arrange and last for ages.

Image AboveBerries are a favourite of mine especially for autumn arrangements; I like these lovely green unripe blackberries that mix beautifully with the Hydrangea. The container is an antique silver-plated coffee pot, in the background is a decorative Victorian metal bracket. The silver grey colour is repeated in the old round wire-framed glasses with its decorative case that once belonged to my grandfather. The book is by Dante and has a beautiful decorative cover with drawings on the spine.

Another striking flower is the Eryngium, sometimes also called Sea holly, with its steel-blue flowers and bracts. I have used it on its own but it also works well in mixed arrangements.

Left: A vintage clock face - faded and chipped over time - makes an interesting textured background to a floral display of Eryngiums in an Art Deco perfume bottle..

Right: A bunch of handwritten love poems written by my father - tied with a lace ribbon and decorated with a small bunch of Hydrangea. All displayed on a fully functioning 1930's Art Deco L. C. Smith typewriter with spools of inked fabric ribbon.

Left: A collection of vintage blue glass ink bottles - when everything was hand written with ink - make wonderful little vases for single flower stems.

Right: Old letters from Sweden with stamps and postmarks from the early 1900's - displayed in an antique letter holder with Chinese motif.


I hope you have enjoyed my feature on flowers from Gatherings. Here is a link to Gatherings Magazine to find out more about the magazine.

If you are interested you can find out more about Gatherings Magazine on all these social media:

Facebook: Gatherings Magazine
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Instagram: Gatherinsmag

Have a great day!

xoxo Ingrid

[Styling and photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Gatherings Magazine.] 


The Gilded Bloom said...


These images are beautiful! The unique vintage elements combined with such vibrant blooms make a lovely feature for Gatherings.

Your work is so inspiring!


Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Hi Ingrid,
I like the way you presented your arrangements. Great ideas. Great article. BTW, I have just subscribed to Gathering Magazine. It's such a beautiful magazine. Thank you for introducing it.

martinealison said...


Vous êtes absolument très talentueuse.
Vos photos sont merveilleuses. Elles me laissent rêveuse.

Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

your pictures are always so wonderful♥

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

I love Gatherings magazine! Because I'm in the southern hemisphere I usually bookmark them to read again when they are seasonally appropriate. But I can't resist having a look when they first come out too. Your article is lovely - hydrangeas are so good for vases. I look forward to trying out your ideas in March/April :)

Things and Thoughts said...

So charming images, hydrangeas combined with vintage elements...Really great Ingrid!

Lisa Gordon said...

How beautiful these are, Ingrid!
You are truly a very talented artist.

Godastunder-tokigaidéer said...

The images are so wonderful. My first time on your blogg and i like it.


Janneke said...

I love these vintage decorations, so beautiful!

Nat L. said...

J'aime beaucoup ces bleus et ces violets
Have a nice day

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