15 April 2013

Floral Fusion - Dark Blue Anemones

My inspiration to this weeks Floral Fusion came from the book The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo - a brand new book that I reviewed the other week.

In the chapter on Anemones I spotted that the flower heads were arranged across the page and from that I got the idea to float some Anemones in a bowl.

The bowl is part of my floral blue and white transfer china collection and this one has an all-over pattern of pretty pansies and daisies.    

To make the arrangement just cut off the flower heads leaving only about 1-2 cm/1" of stem. Just like Hellebores and pansies Anemones looks lovely floating in a bowl of water. It's not an arrangement that lasts very long but is beautiful for a few days.

If you make an arrangement in a vase only add a small amount of water - the hollow stems of Anemone tend to rot much quicker when they sit in deep water.

The three other little containers are all blue and one is English and the other two are Swedish. The coloured glass container is a Victorian fairy light that could hold a candle or be used as a vase.

The other two are Rörstrand Blå Eld part of a dinner service design by Hertha Bengtsson and made between 1950 and 1971. There is a very subtle pattern in the blue glaze that looks like knitting. The Swedish Blå Eld means Blue Fire and this little container were originally made to hold cigarettes. Yes, those were the days when people smoked at the dinner table and I remember helping to set the table with cigarette holders and ashtrays.    

I found these three vintage Bakelite belt buckles from the 1940's when I was clearing out my grandparents house in Sweden. 

In among other things I also found a bag of little skeins of vegetable dyed wool. An aunt of mine trained in the late 1930's as a weaver in Stockholm and doing vegetable dyeing was part of her course. These two skeins are as the tag says dyed with cochineal and indigo. It's amazing to see how the colour is still strong even after so many years.

Here is a beautiful ethnic dark blue glass bead necklace - it's quite long and heavy and the beads are different size, they vary a little bit in colour and has a rough surface. 

My grandmother gave me a set of 12 tiny silver spoons when I was a little girl and I always thought it was such a sweet and generous gesture and I as far as I know she only gave it to the girls - I have no memory what the boys were given.

What I now like about them are that the top of the handle has a flower and leaf motive and as expected the design is called Rose. 


The fabric that I have used as a base is a Vuokko fabric designed by the Finnish designer Vuokko Nurmesniem - who was one of the leading designers at Marimekko

I hope you have found some inspirational ideas from my mix and match Floral Fusion.

Thanks for the visit and for making comments. 

Till next time.

xoxo Ingrid


angie said...

love your anemones!!! angie

The Gilded Bloom said...

The blue anemone arrangement is just lovely! I like the idea of floating them in a bowl.


Frances said...

Ingrid, what fun it was to move from one of your pictures to the next...I felt as if I might be a butterfly or a bee flying around a garden, taking a close look at each flower!

As always, I found such beauty here. xo

Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Ingrid, such beautiful inspiring colors and the arrangement is just gorgeous! Have a beautiful day and a wonderful week! Love to you!


Kreetta said...

Oh, I just love Anemones...and Helleborus. And so many familiar names and vintage things you have here. Great post!Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Greeley said...

These blues are mesmerizing to me.

Thank you so very much for sharing your exquisite talent for putting together these amazing pieces of nature.

I will enjoy my visit on the rest
of your blog.


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