16 December 2012

Florets - Floral Quote by Shane Connolly

In winter, the smallest bunch of flowers is more welcome than at any other time of year.

~Shane Connolly~

[Shane Connolly, 1963-, Irish florist and event designer, decorated the Royal wedding in 2011.]     

[Artwork - Tryptic 2002 - Amy Trachtenberg]

[Styling and photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Diana of Elephants Eye said...

a window, a mirror, a painting? That is truly lovely!

Claus Dalby said...

Dear Ingrid - SO TASTEFULL. Thank you for your inspiration. Kr Claus

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

love the vintage green with the candels,, sooo beautiful !!!

Wishing you a nice " before-christmas-time ",

all the best,

bl.S said...

Like flower in December :) thank you for visiting me in on Öland :))


elena nuez said...

es precioso!!!

Madelief said...

Beautiful words and a very pretty photographs Ingrid!

Thank you for taking part in my giveaway too!

Madelief x

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