17 December 2012

Colour Story - White & Grey

 My colour scheme for this Colour Story is white and grey - in a few different shades.

I bought the white hyacinths a few weeks ago from the farmers market. Some of them have just started flowering but I'm holding a few back by keeping them outside so that I have some that are in bloom for the next few weeks. 

The bulbs all came in brown plastic pots so I re-potted them in some galvanised containers - one larger with three bulbs and two tall ones with just a single bulb in each.

I added some horticultural grit in the bottom of the pot for drainage and you probably also a good idea to add some extra potting compost - depending on what size of pot you use. 

To cover the soil I put a layer of green moss on top and then finished by watering the pot.

I decorated the larger pot around the top edge with some washi tape. The edge of the pot is at an angle so you need to cut the tape into 4-5 cm lengths before adding it or the tape will crease and not lay flat. 

The grey washi tape with stylized snow crystals is from Superlovely.  

The lovely art work in the background is by the San Francisco based artist Amy Trachtenberg. She does both small and large abstract paintings as well as art installations in public spaces.

I re-potted the single bulbs the same way. Adding moss around the bulb makes it look neat and tidy and gives it a finished look.

I used a vintage pressed glass platter as a saucer for the pot just to be on the safe side - I don't want any ruined surfaces! 
Making it all a bit more festive I wound a strand of LED Christmas lights around the container and scattered a few vintage silver baubles around the pot as well. 

The four heart shaped cookie cutters are held together with a silver stitched grosgrain ribbon from Jane Means.

I love the bright green colour of the still unopened hyacinth buds - a great contrast to all the grey. 

The two fabrics are from a newly opened haberdashery store in my neighbourhood called The Village Haberdashery.

I couldn't believe my luck when I walked into the store this weekend - hundreds of lovely fabrics! I really had to restrain myself and think - grey, grey - I only need grey fabrics! I walked out of there with only these two little treasures - but I will be back! 

The large piece of fabric makes me think of looking up in the sky and seeing the snow coming down.

These two round candle holders are from the Swedish glass factory Kosta Boda. They are called Snowball and are votive candle holders created by the Swedish artist Ann Wärff in 1973. They are still made and you can buy them at shops like Scandium in London.

The last image is taken at the end of the afternoon with the candles and Christmas lights lit - giving off lots of lovely reflections.

Have a lovely colourful day!

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you soon.

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

Ingrid, I also immediately thought about falling snow when I saw that printed fabric. It's quite lovely. You are fortunate to have a good new fabric source nearby.

Your grey, white and all important soft white composition is a very good way to evoke Christmas spirit. (When I think of arrangements in white and grey, I immediately think of Whistler's paintings!)


Med fingrarna i (j)orden said...

Nice with withe, grey and green. I love the natural colors and your washi tape.

Jacqueline said...

dearest ingrid, these are really beautiful holiday decoration! I am loving the colors and the whole setting so much! Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you!


Janneke said...

Looks very nice the white and grey together. I did like you and also kept some Hyacinths cool for the new year.

Lisa Gordon said...

I truly have never seen white and gray look so lovely.
Such beautiful arrangements here.

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