14 December 2012

Floral Feast

It's Friday and it's time for a Floral Feast post.

I want to use seasonal plants as much as possible and at this time of year there are a lot of green foliage plants and berried branches & twigs. 

I love the grey-green colour of the Eucalyptus leaves and the orange-red colour of the rose hips made an interesting contrast and picks up the orange in the painting that I have used as in the background.

My local florist Achillea has several different types of Eucalyptus and I particularly liked one with oval leaves and little berries.

Before arranging remember to condition the flowers and foliage by removing any leaves that will end up below the water level in the container as well as trimming the end of the stems at an angle.  

I used two vases or containers - one large vintage pewter jug and one small glass vase with a narrow waist.

I also used three round purple Christmas decorations and some narrow double sided tape. 

As background I used a painting by the painter Cecilia Vargas. She is a London based artist who paints abstract, very colourful paintings. We bought this one, called Avalanche, from her in 1991 when she had an Open Studio day.

The Eucalyptus has very interesting almost lime-green clusters of berries. 

The leaves are a beautiful blue-grey green with very faint veins

I used two stems of rose hips in the larger of the two arrangement and I put them quite low so they showed up just above the Eucalyptus leaves.

I used the double-sided tape to stick down the hanging loop on the Christmas decorations - I just wanted them as three round objects without the long loops.

At the end of the day, or really it was just the middle of the afternoon as it gets dark so early, I added three little tea-lights to add some seasonal spirit. 

Have a lovely Floral Feast Friday!

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you soon.

xoxo Ingrid


Janneke said...

Beautiful Ingrid! I think this Eucalyptus with oval leaves is so useful for Christmas decorations. I just used the same Eucalyptus this week in my table-wreath.

Anna Vattenkanna said...

Ännu en njutbar färglek från dig. Som du vet älskar jag dem...


braunelle said...

Hallo Ingrid,

it looks gorgeous

Kind regards

Lisa Gordon said...

You, my friend, are amazing, and this is truly so beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

bettyl said...

Love the colors and great project help.

geraldine said...

Beautiful arrangement Ingrid, really conjures up that Christmas feel . I love tearing the eucalyptus leaf slightly to smell the menthol. Have a great weekend x

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