21 February 2011

White on White

As much as I love colour sometimes it is nice with a bit of simplicity.
I am not Scandinavian for nothing!
Clean lines, simple shapes and pure forms are all part of the Scandinavian design language.
It is loved all over the world.

Here I have played with idea of white on white.
A sweet little bunch of snowdrops in a vintage vase. 
I have added a lot of texture by using a vase with a pattern of flowers on the outside and a tablecloth with white on white embroidery. 

Have a wonderful week!

xx Ingrid


Home and Lifestyle said...

Wow...what a lovely combination!

Many hugs, Ingrid

Colores said...

perfect! these small flowers remind me spring is at the corner!! kisses

swedishouse said...

Hej Ingrid
Simply Beautiful!
LOVE PEACE enJOY your week ahead

flwrjane said...

Couldn't be more perfect.

Mari Carmen said...

And the result is... wonderful!!! Really beautiful, Ingrid :)

Greetings from Madrid :)

Henrietta said...

This kind of scandinavian I like very much. With flowers all white is beautifull.

Madelief said...

Simply Wonderful!! Enjoy your new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

The Summer Porch said...

Most times simplicity is enough and this beautiful picture actually brought back memories with it's visual effects, it is what a true artist such as yourself is capable of doing here. I will be back and forth to look at this picture all week. :) I love your work Ingrid!
Have a wonderful week.

Anna Vattenkanna said...

The Swedish Grace - you´ve just captured it! A little jar whith fragile snowdrops... spring is around the corner.

Kramar Anna Vattenkanna

Frances said...

White on white is a subtle art, and benefits from subtle changes in tone, sheen, texture, shadow.

Ingrid...your white on white gives us a master class!


lisa said...

I just love white on white, and these are so beautifully done!

Joyce said...

I really appreciate the time you take with color matching (or in this case no color matching) for your pictures. Beautiful.

martinealison said...

Véritable symbole de pureté que ces perce-neige.
Bisous et merci pour l'ensemble de ces magnifiques photos.

dona said...

Snowdrops... nice! In Italian they're called "bucaneve", that means "popping up from the snow".
Beautiful photo!

Fru C said...

Jag beundrar hela arrangemanget....men särskilt gillar jag duken, du vet ;)


Georgianna said...

I love the snowdrops gathered in a vase! And the textures of it and the cloth are perfect to add interest. I also love clean design and white on white, although I find it hard to resist adding some color. We do have several all white rooms in our house, though, and they are like sanctuaries.

Wishing you a beautiful week, dear Ingrid! xo – g

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

sooo sweet...one of my favourite flowers....but this year there aren`t so many in the garden like last year...where have they gone ?

Best wishes and a nice week,

Anna-Karin, Landet Krokus said...

So very fragile and beautiful!
Really lovely! :)

Madame C said...

Åh, dessa första allra sötaste snödroppar, som får hjärtat att fladdra! Urtjusiga bilder, Ingrid!

Marie - Med mina händer... said...

Underbart! Tänk om de bara ville komma fram snart... Fast det kom mer snö här idag så det lär väl dröja lite till.
Jag hittade hit från Minnas blogg, blomsterverkstad, och ska ta mig en ordentlig kik här.


The Garden Ms. S said...

Gorgeous! I love the simplicity and the textures. :)

agnicy said...

White for angels !!!

Bare Mio said...

Wow, this was a lovely combination.
Do you have snowdrops already?
Hugs from Mio

The Summer Porch said...

Yes, it's me again. Told you I'd be back to comment on the picture. This is just so beautiful. I've been out all day, looking for a vase, and I might as well forget looking for my snowdrops because they're covered in two feet of snow.


jacqueline said...

Deares sweet ingrid, i love white! Beautiful photos and white on white does look really good! SO glad i took a break from packing madness and came to visit you here! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Camillas Foto said...

Ett litet hopp om att våren kanske är på väg...

Ha det bra

Annika Christensen said...

Oj oj jag smälter av välbehag...
Vad jag längtar tills jag kan plocka ett bukett av dess raringar.
Ha det gott

Nanna said...

I love it! Snödroppar är så superfina!!!

Britt said...

Vackert som alltid//Britt

Bornay said...

I love this arrangement!


Carol said...

Precious and perfect Ingrid! Beautiful. Kram Carol