30 November 2012

Colour Story

A colour story in creams and browns. I worked on this a couple of weeks ago while all the brown autumn colours were in full swing. 
These are the same sunflowers that I used in an earlier post.
Once the flowers started to wilt I pulled off all the bright yellow petals and cut the stems before re-arranging them in a different container.

This is a vintage Bols ceramic bottle with the old label still intact. I think it's funny with the mix of Swedish and Dutch on the label. Bols is the oldest distillery brand in the world. 

I love the surface texture and patterns on these little jars - all ravaged by time.  

An old pair of scissors - well used - beautiful to look at but not so comfortable to use anymore! 

A vintage sack, an apothecary mortar with old ivory curtain rings and games pieces.

Two sailors knots that was on my key ring for many years.
Also some plain brown wrapping paper - an old favourite of mine for wrapping presents adding some interesting ribbon, string or twine. 

I love these old rulers and have a small collection of them - some times they are on display and sometimes they are tucked away in some cupboard waiting for me to get inspired.
Below is an old miniature teddy that I had as a child and he used to live in my dolls house. The poor thing has seen better day. It was well loved but is now rather moth-eaten and worn around the edges. But he is still charming!

Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for visiting and I will see you back here soon.
xo Ingrid


Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

love brown sooo much , espscially in autumn...very nice collection again...here it´s winter since yesterday...

Wishing you a great before-christmas-time,


Janneke said...

I am always surprised how you arrange simple things in your decorations. This time brown colours, and you even used a Bols bottle (haha).
Have a nice weekend,

bl.S said...

Wat een mooie potten idd. ga snel hier nog even wat mooie inspiratie opdoen :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely arrangements, Ingrid. I would have never thought to use sunflowers without the petals, but this is very pretty!
Hope you have a lovely weekend,

geraldine said...

Beautiful styling and such a clever idea with the sunflowers - it looks beautiful even without petals. Have a lovely weekend x

Trädgårdsflow/Garden Flow said...

Oh. vilka härliga färger. Du kan det där med att hitta en skön känsla i vackra ting och färger.

Strippade solrosor är så vackra. Gillar. Men du, vilken helt bedårande liten nallebjörn. Och att du har haft den själv som liten... Jättesöt.

Önskar dig en glad första advent!

Anna Hanley said...

Always love to visit your blog! Such wonderful pics. Enjoy your weekend, Anna

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for linking up! It's great to meet the Artist behind it all. Your photos are beautiful!
Have a great weekend,
xxx Elizabeth @ LizlovesVintage

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