23 November 2012

Autumn Colours

My inspiration for this colour story came from looking out the window at the trees and all the autumn coloured leaves.
I have used burnt orange Chrysanthemums flowers with a green centre. Yes, I know Chrysanthemums again - but I think it is such an amazing flower, it is cheep, cheerful and my friendly supplier at the local farmers market will always have a selection of colours. Another thing is that you can keep them going for almost three weeks! So they are very good value for money.

When I have finished styling and photographing the arrangements I always put them somewhere in the house. I get so much pleasure from having fresh cut flowers around. I often put a fresh flower arrangement in our hallway to great you when walk through the door.

I look after the flowers by very carefully conditioning them before arranging, I change the water every few days and re-cut the stems as well as putting them in a cool place at night.

With a theme or colour scheme in mind I gathered containers, fabrics, ribbons, washi tape, beads, twine, plates and some ethnic jewellery. 

This is ball of lovely coloured garden twine from the company Nutscene. This twine is called 'Jute Fillis' - 'Frootie Joot Fillis' which is a great name. I had to look up the word fillis which means "loosely twisted string, used especially for tying up plants".
For the photograph I combined it with an ethnic chunky bead bracelet.

I actually found a whole shoebox - don't ask -  full of old ethnic jewellery, among it was this necklace that my mother-in-law gave me as a present many years ago. 
I combined the necklace with some wonderful washi tape that I bought from What You Sow. A company that I featured in an earlier blog post here.

The two round glass jars that I have used as vases are both old seed jars from The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They sold off the old jars when they replaced them with new ones and I managed to get hold of some. They all have beautiful handwritten old labels with the name of the plant in Latin and what country the seeds were collected from.

I find it a pleasure to combine different fabrics with ribbons and buttons or beads. Matching or contrasting the colours. 
The two ribbons at the top are both from Jane Means. They are both Stitched Grosgrain ribbons one in brown and the other burgundy. 
I am part of Jane Means Ribbon Stylist Blogger team so from time to time I feature her ribbons.

Some more of the washi tape, featuring birds and leaves, from the lovely Lyndsey Haskell at What You Sow.

Another ball of twine from Nutscene this time in a terracotta colour and again combined with an ethnic bracelet.

This is an old Indian necklace from my hippie days! I like how it echoes the pattern in the fabric both in colour and shape. 

Another brown Nutscene ball of twine and an Indian bracelet with amber and metal beads.

A small Swedish bowl from the 1960's with beads from "the hippie shoebox" - both picking up the colour in the fabric.

Have a lovely and colourful autumn day!

xoxo Ingrid


Diana of Elephants Eye said...

and the printed fabric? You didn't tell us about those 2 pieces.

Frances said...

Ingrid, it was a lovely surprise to see the colorways in this post, as they are a warm contrast to what I think of as your usual themes.

How grand to find all these hints on how to embrace the vast array of mum hues. I also smiled at your references to the hippie provenance of some of your jewelry. Believe me, I also have some of these vintage treasures!

It's hard to believe that we are now on the outskirts of December. Sidewalk Christmas tree salesmen have set up their stalls today. The weather will be much chillier tomorrow, so much better for those beautiful trees.


Geraldine said...

Lovely sets you have created. You have a good styling eye :)

Madelief said...

Lovely colour combinations and pretty jewelry Ingrid!

Madelief x

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I like what you've created Ingrid. Great color combinations and very Fall-y!

Have a sweet Sunday

Georgianna said...

Hi Ingrid, All the details are really delightful – such a variety of visual interest and contrasting textures and colors. The fabrics are gorgeous!

I feel the same about fresh flowers. They bring a room to life like nothing else.

Have a lovely week ahead!


Bleu Chine said...

I love how you reintroduce the chrysanthemums in a modern way, and the hippie theme and unusual colors are very nice. Stéphanie

Lisa Gordon said...

My goodness, Ingrid, the color combinations you have put together here are so beautiful! so perfect for autumn, and as always, the way you style everything is simply perfection.

I have never seen Chrysanthemums of this color combination, and it is gorgeous. So unusual.

I hope you've had a wonderful Monday.


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