16 February 2011

Lots of Pink

Bright pink double primroses was more then I could resist!

To make the arrangement first line an old basket with plastic.
Put the pots in the basket and hide the pots with moss. 
Or take the plants out of their pots and plant in the basket with fresh compost. Cover soil with moss.
Water when soil feels dry and spray the moss with a mister to keep it looking fresh.
It is probably advisable to put the basket on a tray or similar to protect any surfaces.
If you put it in a cool place during the night it will last longer.
The arrangement will last for a few weeks and then you can plant them out in the garden.

Tie a pretty pink ribbon around the basket.

You have an almost instant spring flower arrangement.

Then - add a few girly pink things to finish off the arrangement!! 

Ingrid xx


Madelief said...

Hi Ingrid,

The primroses look really beautiful in the basket!

Happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Home and Lifestyle said...

What a lovely idea...to make a pink arrangement! I like it!

Warm regards, Ingrid

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

wonderful pink combination...specially the gloves...did you put the basket outdoor already ?

Have a nice evening ,
best wishes,

Mari Carmen said...

Hi!! I love this picture! It's so sweet, so beautiful!!


Colores said...

Pinkissimo and soooooooooo nice! thanks for sharing!Kisses

agnicy said...

Beautiful, sweet and girly... I love it! Ag

Joyce said...

This is just beautiful. I have a yard full of moss, so I will have to try something similar.

The Summer Porch said...

I adore this, I love all the different shades of pink you used to pull off such an amazing still. It looks so fresh ready to garden or the prize after one has been in the garden. Gorgeous!!!

swedishouse said...

Hej Ingrid!

Love this little arrangement
soo sweet!
I LOVE how you have styled it too
I do love polka dot...I spy the gardening gloves...
OOH I wish Spring would hurry up and come so I can get digging and planting...I think ALL this SNOW will be around until MAY!!!!
Ha en trevlig helg

Fru C said...

Dubbla rosa har jag minsann inte sett här i gamla Svedala.....för om jag hade sett dom så hade jag köpt dom......helt säkert!

Rosa kramar till dig//

Angel.Pearls said...

Pretty pretty pink!! Underbart vårarrangemang -så läckert!! Eva

martinealison said...

Tellement frais, j'en veux!

Henrietta said...

that is great cheerful set up.Primroses ae so beautiful.
Pink is beautiful:)

Laila said...

Vilken härlig färgklick!
Jag vet att jag någonstans i mina pappergömmor ska ha något papper med den här färgen. Vart sugen på att göra ett kort. ;-)

Camillas Foto said...

Åh, ljuvligt rosa!
Ha en skön helg

NinaH said...

Uhmmmmmm vilket läckert arrangemang!! Såklart jag tycker färgen är fin också- rosa är ju verkligen min favoritfärg (oberoende av vad modet "bestämmer"!;-)...). Men framförallt din bild, ditt arr och de ting du valt!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I heart pink too, Ingrid. Such lovely arrangement!

Enjoy your weekend xxxx

lisa said...

This is just beautiful Ingrid, and I love the way you composed this photograph!

Have a fantastic weekend.


AnnA said...

Hej Ingrid!
Så romantiskt arr!
Primulor tar våren allt närmare trots de kalla vindarna utomhus.
Ha en skön helg!

Katarina said...

Mums, så läckert! De där primulorna skulle jag vilja råka snubbla över i affären...jättesöta!
Ha en fortsatt bra helg!

Madame C said...

Helt ljuvlig bild, Ingrid! Den ger hopp om att våren kanske kommer ändå... nån gång...

Bare Mio said...

Dette var nydelig, så lekkert!
Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin helg :O)

Georgianna said...

Oooo, I love this, Ingrid! Uplifting just to look at. Primroses are so sweet and I love those gloves – although I would never want to get them dirty!

Have a great Sunday. xo – g

Nanna said...

Love pink! Thank you for your comment to me in my blog. Understand that you don't have any tip but it's still nice that you popped by! hmm... varför skrev jag på engelska.... ja måste vara söndagsmorgontrött :P

Princesa Nadie said...

Meeting you has been a pleasure,your primroses are lovely!

Richtsje said...

Indeed, Ingrid, if I had seen such pretty primroses, I'm sure I would have bought them too! They look so sweet and promising...

Marie - Med mina händer... said...

Wow, vilken härlig färgklick. Älskar rosa och cerise! Vackert!

Conny's Cottage said...

Hello Ingrid,

wat a lovly photo.

greatings send you Conny

Vicky said...

This is definitely going to be my first spring project this year. I love it. Thanks for all of your inspiration and talent.


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