30 January 2011

Citrus Fruit

A plate full of goodness! Sounds good doesn't it?

Well, I have to admit that I am playing around with food.

On the plate is a mixture of large naval oranges, blush oranges, red grapefruit, yellow grapefruit, lemons and limes. Some of these will be very sweet and others rather tart.
I was inspired by a photograph I saw in a food magazine. In the photograph was a whole pile of different coloured citrus fruits. They were peeled and all the white membranes were cut away. 
 It looked rich, fresh and the colours were gorgeous.
I tried to do something similar. Well, to be honest - mine just looked rubbish! I had to rethink what I was doing as I did not want to waste all the cut up fruit. What I ended up with was a more traditional but still colourful photograph.

I always study the photographs in cook books and food magazines and always find them very inspiring. I also know that a lot of hard work goes into creating them. Often a whole crew of people with degrees in home economics, a food stylist, a photographer and assistants are involved.

There is nothing like trying it out for yourself to realise how much work goes into a photograph and how hard it is to create an image that is pleasing to the eye. Especially when you are dealing with food.

Yes, the oranges were delicious!

All the best!

Ingrid xx


Henrietta said...

Have you tried glyserin, it makes food shine but it is not eatable any more after that which is sad. I never could through that plate of good fruits to trash. Food is great to take photos, colors, shapes etc. all is in different kind of foods. Great picture and hope we will see more:)

NinaH said...

Ett svårt område- matbilder! Men intressant! Blev en fin "slutbild" med ditt arr med och kring citrusfrukterna!!

Home and Lifestyle said...

Ohhh...I love fruit...naval oranges are my favorite at this moment, but I also like (it to be a monkey with a) banana!!

In the summer I often make a delicious fruit cocktail...!!

Warm regards, Ingrid

Sophia Callmer said...

MMmm citrus är verkligen vägen till att överleva vintern tycker jag, vackra , goda och användbara både som mat och fotomodeller. Brukar också titta på matbilder, inredningsbilder alla slags bilder och jag tittar för att se HUR de är gjorda, alltid inspirerande. kram Sophia

Anna Vattenkanna said...

I love your choice of colours in this photo. It´s vibrant and vivid and joyful. Just what we need in this grey time of the year.

Best regards Anna Vattenkanna in Sweden

The Garden Ms. S said...

Beautiful and delicious - yum! What a cheery photo. :)

Frances said...

Yes, Ingrid, it is not easy to create a splendid photo that involves food.

Your red and golden citrus circles look grand against the blue and white plate, and those deep purply blues in the surroundings.

Let's raise a toast to the beauty and power of citrus, and its wonderful vitamin C.


Fru C said...

Jag studerar ofta också bilderna i kokböcker. Själv skulle jag aldrig i livet få till det som du kan.

Apelsinerna är väldigt fina just nu!

Georgianna said...

It was certainly worth the effort because this image is so bright and cheery, Ingrid. I love the complimentary yellow/orange and purple. And it's so true that it takes a lot of work to make an image look effortless and beautiful. Studying other photographs is so valuable – plus I can justify the hundreds (thousands?) of magazines I have! xo - g

Livin' in the Sonshine said...

Love the colors!

Angel.Pearls said...

Yes, it's really hard making good pictures!! ..men du är superduktig på det! Ha en fin dag/ Eva

easygardener said...

The display looks very appealing and colourful. Somehow Food Stylist was never mentioned as a career option when I was at school :-)

Camillas Foto said...

Tror säkert att det smakade gott.

Ha det bra

colores said...

WELL DONE; your picture is so colourful! I think like you, so much work is involved for food photos! kisses

The Summer Porch said...

Hello Ingrid! I could just imagine the work that's involved in a photoshoot, if you knew how many pictures I take before I give up you'd laugh. However, I have your gorgeous blog to go to and be inspired over and over again. The plate of fruit is so pretty against all the blue. Just gorgeous!
Have a wonderful day,

Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

I am so in love with your blog! In Nj it has been snowing forever- so missing spring and summer.

dona said...

Lovely. You've got a great taste!

Trädgårdsflow/Garden Flow said...

Så vackert du arrangerat!!! Apelsiner är bara bäst just nu.... Behövs också tror jag för att pigga upp oss!


agnicy said...

My Dear, I have got AWARD for you in my blog , please come to take it! Ag