12 September 2009


Some beautiful red beans.
They remind me of my youth!
While growing up in Lund in Sweden in the 1970s there was a left-wing feminist band called Röda Bönor. A Swedish pun meaning "red beans" and "red chicks".
Does it show how old I am?
Några röda bönor.
De påminner mig om min ungdom!
När jag växte upp i Lund på 1970-talet så fanns det ett politiskt tjejband som hette Röda Bönor.
Visar det hur gammal jag är?


Med fingrarna i (j)orden said...

Snygga är de i alla fall, bönorna. Själv minns jag inget sånt band, men det låter kul.

Britt said...

Fina bönor. Häftigt med bandet//Britt

Martine said...

Just visited all the photos I missed, beautiful, I love the red onions, the blue flowers and many others, and of course the feast of the red beans, so you are young, yes very young!I have just celebrated my 60th birthday this week, oh dear!! greetings, Martine

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