17 April 2009

The Colour Purple

Clematis i en härlig lila färg.
En bild på ett tema läggs upp varje lördag.
Veckans tema är 'Purple'.

Här hittar du fler deltagare i PhotoHunt.
Purple Clematis.
Each Saturday a photo is posted on a different theme.
The theme for this week is 'Purple'.

You can find more PhotoHunt here.


healingmagichands said...

I love this photo, the clematis is beautiful. But the background is quite stunning as well, sets them off beautifully,.

Flo said...

Beautiful flowers and what a great picture.

Mine is up over at Flo's Place

ancient one said...

Those flowers are soo beautiful!!

Sheila said...

Beautiful photo!

Tara R. said...

Those are lovely!

srp said...

I love these climbing vines and the flowers... especially up and over mailboxes.. Beautiful!
My purple is here.

Mudhooks said...

Beeeutiful! I love Clematis. I have had no luck in the garden we have, now, although I do have a lovely wild Clematis with tiny yellowish-red flowers.

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