11 January 2018

From the Archives - January 2016 - Pink Spring Flowers

This post is part of a new blog series called 'From the Archives'. It will be previously posted blog posts that I feel are still relevant for some reason or another. 

It will always be a post from the same calendar month as we are in or it could be some of my favourite flowers from the same season - that still lifts my spirit. 

Flowers are so ephemeral - but their beauty caught on camera never fades.........!!

It's a very pink bunch for the weekend this week - a bunch of pale pink tulips, some small pink gerbera, a bunch of bright pink ranunculus and some beautiful and very pink hyacinths.

As a vase I used a small vintage pickling jar - this one has a funny little strawberry and some lettering in the glass. It has tall straight sides and I also needed something that had a wide opening but that would hold the flowers in a compact shape.

I was also looking for something that would raise the arrangement off the table and I thought a pail of books would do the trick. On my bookshelves I found six books that all had pink spines to match the pink flowers.  

I also added a piece of chevron pink and white fabric, a small pink vase and a large vintage pink and green floral patterned bowl in the background.

 I have chosen flowers within a very tight colour palette - but the flowers are very different in size, shape and texture to still give a varied and interesting arrangement. 

It's such a pleasure and privilege to be able to have access to beautiful flowers at this time of year. A time of year when the weather is still dark, grey, cold and rainy even snow outside our windows - so what a treat to have flowers to arrange, style and photograph!

I hope this might have inspired you to find some flowers in a monochrome colour scheme and make an arrangement for the weekend.

Have a lovely floral weekend! 
xoxo Ingrid

1 comment:

HWIT BLOGG said...

Ljuvliga bilder...som vanligt Ingrid! Härligt med lite rosa denna årstid :)
Varm kram från Titti

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