8 January 2016

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 67 - Lisianthus, Stock and Pittosporum

Here is the second installment of my experiment that consists of for a few weeks only buying cut flowers from the supermarkets. Have a look at my last blog post where I talk about and explain what and why I'm doing it. 

This time I went straight to Tesco - it was cold and raining and I didn't fancy getting wet. They had lots of already made up bunches of mixed flowers - but I'm more interested in bunches of just one type of flowers.

I bought two bunches of pink Lisianthus with a few white ones with a pink edge mixed in. They where dated the 10th and were looking fresh with no bruised petals - so I was happy!

All of the pink and white Lisianthus I put in a vintage jug that has a wide band around the middle in a matching pink colour. A few short stems went in a mini bud vase. 

I also bought two bunches of pink and white stock - they did have some Pittosporum foliage mixed in - which I thought would come in useful.

When I came home and unwrapped them I found that some of the flowers were not as nice and fresh as I would have liked. You couldn't see that as they were wrapped in both brown paper and cellophane - and as you can't unwrap the flowers in the store before you buy them it's a bit tricky and you might end up with flowers looking a bit sad and past their best. Shame on you Tesco! 

I made up two bunches - one with white stock and some Pittosporum foliage mixed in and a second similar one using the pink stock. For these two arrangements I also used little vintage jugs - a pink and a white one.

In a few weeks at the end of my experiment I will make a conclusion of my findings! So - stay tuned for more news on the subject!!

Enjoy Your Flower Arranging and 
Have a Fabulous Floral Friday and Weekend!

I'll see you again on Sunday with another Florets - a floral quote from someone passionate about flowers.


~ xoxo ~

[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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Open House said...

Oh how wonderful those pictures are! They make me soooooo feel like spring! <3
Have a nice day, D

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