11 January 2016

Tulip Week - Day 1 - Inspirational Tulips

This week is Tulip Week in Sweden and on the 15th January is Tulip Day or Tulpanens Dag as they say in Swedish. It is also National Tulip Day in Holland the next day on the 16th.

I will be showing tulips every day and on the 15th - Titti and I will be doing even more tulips on FLOWERS. 

I'm starting the week off by showing ten images full of colour and inspiration - all the images are provided by Blomsterfrämjandet and Tulpanguiden - Swedish organisations that promotes flowers. 

I hope you will enjoy my week of tulips!!

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous floral Monday!

I'll see you again tomorrow with Day 2 of Tulip Week.


~ xoxo ~

[Images provided by Blomsterfrämjandet.]

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Frances said...

Wow! Tulips are amongst my very favorite flowers, with their amazing varieties of colors and petals. How marvelous to discover that there is a Tulip Week and even a Tulip Day celebrated in January.

Thank you so much for alerting me to these well-deserved honors, and for the beautiful images in this post. xo

Anonymous said...

There are some lovely ideas in this post, thank you. I'm surprised Tulip day is so early in the year when they don't appear in my Italian garden until end of March and April and even my forced ones only began to flower last week.

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