1 November 2017

Florets - Floral Quote - # 157 - by Emma Sibley

'Florets - Floral Quote' is a series of blog posts where I feature quotes by authors - mostly well known - but you will also find some obscure ones.

All of them have written one or several books about flowers, green plants, gardening, interior styling or interior design. Many are experts in their field but what is the most important is that they are all passionate about flowers and plants.

I love books and in my ever growing library I look for quotes that I hope will be both inspiring and be useful while arranging flowers or green plants in your home.

"In recent years we have seen a growing trend for house plants as more and more people appreciate the benefits of being surrounded by greenery in the home. All around us we can see a multitude of fashion and lifestyle campaigns styled using tropical palms, ferns and foliage, and there is also an increased abundance of places selling plants for the modern gardener."
~ Emma Sibley ~

[Emma Sibley: British, founder of botanical styling company Terrariums and co-author of Urban Botanics, an indoor plant guide for modern gardeners.]

[Quote fromUrban Botanicsbeautifully illustrated by the Dutch artist Maaike Koster with text by Emma Sibley. Published by Arum Press.]

[Houseplant: Sedum morganianum.]

[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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