18 October 2017

Florets - Floral Quote - # 155 - by Ivy Muse

'Florets - Floral Quote' is a series of blog posts where I feature quotes by authors - mostly well known - but you will also find some obscure ones.

All of them have written one or several books about flowers, green plants, gardening, interior styling or interior design. Many are experts in their field but what is the most important is that they are all passionate about flowers and plants.

I love books and in my ever growing library I look for quotes that I hope will be both inspiring and be useful while arranging flowers or green plants in your home.

" Styling with plants is not a science. There is no single rule - other than keeping them alive, of course! Learn what works for you, understand the conditions of the spaces in your home and if something doesn't look right, move it. It's all about having fun and creating something beautiful. Like most things in life, with a little practice and know-how, you'll be styling your plants like a professional in no time. All you need is a few handy tips and tricks. Don't be afraid. Trust us."

~ Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal ~ 

[Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal: Australian, stylists, founders of Ivy Muse, a botanical wares studio and author of Plant Style, a book about how to style your home with houseplants.]

[Quote from: Plant Style by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal, 2017, published by Thames and Hudson.]

[Green Houseplant: Ferns.]

[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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