11 October 2017

Florets - Floral Quote - # 154 by Alys Fowler

'Florets - Floral Quote' is a series of blog posts where I feature quotes by authors - mostly well known - but you will also find some obscure ones.

All of them have written one or several books about flowers, green plants, gardening, interior styling or interior design. Many are experts in their field but what is the most important is that they are all passionate about flowers and plants.

I love books and in my ever growing library I look for quotes that I hope will be both inspiring and be useful while arranging flowers or green plants in your home.

"Too often plants' needs are talked about in such basic terms: water, light and food, but all the subtle shifts and nuances of their lives and the ecology of their native habitats are lost. Understanding where they come from and how they have evolved leads to a far more empathetic understanding of their wants. 
Houseplants bring me such joy. They make a house a home, they change and grow, they wave at us when we come home, bring a room to life by saying someone lives here, invests in this space, cares for it, tends and grows in it."

~ Alys Fowler ~ 

[Alys Fowler: British, gardener, tv presenter and author of six books on gardening and houseplants.]

[Quote from: Plant Love by Alys Fowler, 2017, published by Kyle Books.]

[Green Houseplant: Pilea peperomioides.]

[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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