29 May 2017

Tiny Blooms - # 44 - Pale Pink Cloni Ranunculus

This week on 'Tiny Blooms' I'm featuring Cloni Ranunculus in pale, pale pink with hints of green in the centre.

Here is a little "statement" that I add - to briefly explaining my thinking behind these particular posts:

"This series of blog posts - called 'Tiny Blooms' - are about small flower arrangements. Small - might be the size of the flower or the amount of stems I'm using; or it could be the size of the container. 

It can also be that the arrangement is minimal both in presentation and that it's simple, quick and easy to do. Apart from that there are no other strict "rules" - I'm allowing myself a lot of creative freedom!"

I thought it would be interesting to combine some almost white Cloni Ranunculus, with their many multi layered frothy rows of paper thin petals - and a Victorian metal mini urn depicting little cherubs surrounded by an ornate pattern of leaves and branches.    

I have kept the the backgrounds and table top very simple - using multiple layers of French vintage linen fabrics under the container. The backgrounds equally plain and simple - a white sheet as a curtain and a weathered and aged stone wall.

There are ten Ranunculus stems - cut short enough to just rest on the edge of the container - leaving the central stems a bit longer to make a nice dome shaped arrangement.

Another simple, quick and easy 'Tiny Blooms' arrangement for the long holiday weekend.  

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Monday!

Thank you for visiting 'Of Spring and Summer' - I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning - when I'll be back with another 'Floral Media' - a third video about RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


~ xoxo ~

[Flowers: Pale pink Cloni Ranunculus - from my favourite local farmers' market flower stall in North West London.]

[Vase/Container: Vintage metal urn container with ornate pattern on the sides - from stylist own prop collection.]

[Other props: Vintage French linen fabrics - from stylists own prop collection.]

[Styling, photography and text © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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1 comment:

Frances said...

Ingrid, it's been a joy on this chilly grey holiday Memorial Day Monday to have a long look at your recent posts. As always I am inspired! These pale pink ranunculus are heavenly. xo

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